4 Fool-proof Dance Shoes Cleaning Tips You Must Never Ignore


Investing in high-quality dance gear is a must for every dancer. Proper care and attention will ensure that you will remain comfortable wearing dance accessories throughout your performance. One of the gears you must spend on is your dance shoes since they will make or break your dance performance. So you should always make it a point to preserve your shoes to make them last for years.

Cleaning any pair of shoes for dancing must be done regularly. But unlike your regular pair of shoes where you can place them in the washer or dryer, the ones you use on the dance floor need special care. Here are some of the most valuable tips and a list of essential tools that will help you look after your dance footwear all the time.

Dance Shoes Cleaning Tools 

There are several essential items that you need to have to clean your dance footwear properly. It includes:

  • Brush – This tool is necessary, especially if you need to clean your suede-soled pair of shoes.
  • Shoe Polish cloth – Clean and superb clean shoe polish cloth will let you apply your cleaning products properly while maintaining the integrity of your footwear.
  • Shoe oil – Leather dance shoes need excellent shoe oil to moisturise the leather and to help it avoid incurring any cracks.
  • Water Spray Bottle – This common household cleaning item can help get rid of stubborn spot dirt on the shoes.

Dance Shoes Cleaning Tips 

Once you secure the right cleaning materials for your dance footwear, you can begin cleaning all your pairs. Some of the most helpful tips include:

Get Rid of Any Dirt

Lightly loosen any visible dirt or grime on the soles of your shoes using the ends of your shoe brush. The proper way to do it is to brush the dirt away from your body from the centre. It would be best if you prepared a wastebasket that can immediately collect the dust.

It is also best to deep rub the sole to release all the ingrained dirt. Before beginning your dance class or performance, you must do this cleaning method and then repeat it after the session. It will help you maintain the best condition of the soles.

Place Clean Dance Shoes in the Freezer 

The myth about maintaining the excellent quality of silk and leather materials in the freezer works. However, since dance shoes tend to absorb a lot of body odour causing-sweat during a performance, they will turn into an ideal place for bacteria to breed. As a result, the presence of bacteria in your shoes will give them a foul smell.

So if you have plenty of dance footwear that you often use during your performances, you may invest in a freezer where you can keep your pairs fresh. You only need to ensure that each pair is thoroughly cleaned and placed in an airtight bag to prevent it from excess moisture. It is also smarter to avoid putting it besides fresh meat and produce to avoid cross-contamination.

Expect Shedding 

Materials like suede are susceptible, especially when exposed to moisture. Since it is a compressed material, you can do a vigorous dry brushing then let the dirt matte.

While doing the dry brushing, you may expect some of the fibres of the shoes to shed. The shedding is part of a typical suede lifecycle process. It can even prolong the shelf life of the pair.

Aside from doing all these tips, it is also necessary to invest in high-quality dance footwear. It is the best way to ensure that you have a fabulous pair of dance footwear for all your performances.

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