YTS was a peer-to-peer release group, which distributed large numbers of movies as free downloads through BitTorrent. The file sizes were relatively small, which attracted many downloaders.

YTS is an abbreviation of YIFY Torrent Solutions

YTS is an acronym for YIFY Torrent Solutions. It is a torrent site that provides high-quality downloadable content such as movies and TV shows. The site also allows users to download up to 300,000 files at a time.

YTS has gained popularity in the torrenting community. It started as a movie download site for friends. However, the site’s popularity diminished when the MPAA sued the site, and it was eventually taken down. This shutdown turned out to be the biggest piracy shutdown of all time.

YTS is now working under a deal with a US law firm. The firm uses the data that the site collects to “fish” for copyrighted TV shows and movies.

YTS has a large database and can provide users with up to four thousand high-quality movie and TV show files. The site also regularly posts links to new content. This has helped YIFY maintain its popularity in the torrenting community.

The site is known for its smaller file sizes, and this has attracted many downloaders. While the site has had some problems in the past, the administrative team that created it has left the community. However, there are still several mirror sites that are able to provide access to YTS content.

YTS is a popular torrent site that has attracted the attention of the MPAA and other government agencies. However, YTS is not legal in many parts of the world.

YTS is a pirated movie and television show

YTS (Yify Torrent Solutions) is a torrent site that lets you download TV shows and movies for free. It also provides other useful features, such as app installer packages and default settings for Apple devices. It also has a library of classics, in addition to SD and HD versions of movies. YTS has 75 million users every month.

YTS was one of the world’s largest movie piracy sites, but it had to shut down in 2015, thanks to a lawsuit filed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). While it’s no longer in operation, other similar movie download sites have taken their place.

YTS is a good example of the fact that timely distribution of content is the key to success. While accessing pirated movies is still illegal in South Africa, you aren’t restricted from downloading torrents. If you’re caught downloading pirated content from an illegal torrent site, you can face fines and/or a jail sentence.

YTS also figured in the news when it was discovered that YTS is one of the most prominent piracy sites in South Africa. The site had been the talk of the town when it was in its heyday. But it also had to face global authorities that challenged its legitimacy.

In the end, YTS is still not legal in South Africa, but it can be accessed with a little help from a VPN. Using a VPN, you can change your IP address to a country where YTS is legal.

YTS is not legal in South Africa

YTS is not the newest entrant in the movie downloading oligarchy, but it has made a name for itself in the piracy sphere. With a burgeoning user base and a glut of free movie download sites, YTS is a prime target for a takedown. It is no secret that many South Africans prefer to download free movies rather than shell out the hard earned cash to boot. It is also no secret that most copyrighted films contain some sort of notice or watermark. With so many free movie download sites out there, the movie industry is a toast. YTS is just one of many piracy websites that have a bad rep.


The site was at the center of a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by the Motion Picture Association of America. There is also the matter of fact that YTS isn’t actually legal. While the site has seen its fair share of closures, there are a number of legitimate movie downloading sites that have sprung up in its stead. For movie buffs looking to get their fill, this isn’t necessarily the best place to start. It’s still a good idea to use caution, especially if you have a child in tow.

If you are looking to download a movie, it’s best to use a legitimate source of movie downloading software such as iPlayer or Netflix.


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