2 London based Venues Perfect for Team Building


If you’re looking to build a stronger team, London has plenty of venues that are perfect for hosting team building events. Whether you’re planning a creative and hands-on experience, or simply want an opportunity for your team to have some fun and interact with each other (and maybe even come up with some new ideas), these two venues will be sure to get your team working together in no time…

  1. Graffiti art studio

Graffiti art is a way to express yourself and your feelings through art. You can do it on paper, canvas or walls. A graffiti art studio allows you to create your own piece of work by painting over a stencilled background that has been provided – making it perfect for beginners. An art studio is a perfect venue for a team to discover their creative skills and for everyone to support each other in the process.

Whether you want to host an off-site meeting or a team-building day, art studio venues offer creative and hands-on experiences that will encourage your team to work together. It also lets the team produce a physical piece of artwork to display in the workplace.

  1. Cocktail bar

With a few simple ingredients, you can whip up the perfect cocktail party to help build the teamwork skills of your staff. A cocktail bar can be a great place to not only help your team to unwind but also to encourage team-building exercises while you sample a wide range of cocktails. If there are new members of the team that people haven’t had a chance to get to know yet, a session at a cocktail bar can help the team to socialise in a fun working atmosphere.

If a team is most suited to a more informal meet-up, this is a good idea for those not wanting to do lots of physical activities in one day. If some colleagues don’t drink alcohol, mocktails can also be a fun idea too.

The importance of team building

Team building is an essential exercise for a company or group, both in their professional and personal lives. You can’t expect employees to work well as a team if they never get the opportunity to work together outside of the office. It also helps foster relationships between co-workers who can be friends as well as co-workers. The following are some ideas for team-building activities that will help you bring out the best in your employees:

  • Hands-on activities – These exercises will force people to interact with each other, which is crucial in developing rapport and trust among your team members

• Fun games – This can include anything from ping pong tournaments to bowling, but make sure it isn’t too serious, remember that this is supposed to be fun!

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