Why You Need PRP Injections Treatment?


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment is an effective form of regenerative medicine. This treatment boosts the healing process in a number of different ways. The procedure involves drawing the patient’s blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to extract plasma, which contains stem cells, platelets and growth factors that are then injected back into the body. PRP has been used for injuries to joints, tendon and cartilage as well as for soft tissue damage such as burns. Patients who undergo this treatment often report decreased pain levels following their sessions of PRP injections.

Let’s take a look at PRP:

PRP Treatment has also been a common method of treating hair loss in men and women, as it can stimulate hair growth in some people. Platelets are particularly important in this process, as they are a rich source of growth factors that can help with the hair’s healing process. This is why Port Orchard PRP Injection has proven to be an effective treatment for baldness in both men and women alike. The growth factors found within the platelets have been linked to aiding this process. Since growth factors are proteins that affect different cell activities in order to encourage regeneration, they are able to increase blood circulation and promote new capillary formation at and around the affected follicles.

Human hair is usually made up of three different categories, which are: the shaft, the cortex and the medulla. The shaft is what you see on a bald person’s head- it’s made up of cells called keratinocytes. The cortex has scales that are referred to as cuticles. These cuticles have layers, which creates small gaps between each other. Finally, there is the medulla where blood vessels enter and exit in order to supply your body with nutrients and oxygen from your circulation system.

“The hair follicle is a small structure that is found on the skin’s surface. Hair growth starts in the dermis, the layer of skin between your epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue. The dermis is made up of several layers: papillary, reticular, spinous, and finally it ends at the base of your hair follicles.”

PRP Injection Treatment: Why do you need PRP Injections Treatment? Here’s why:

The body needs to be stimulated in order to shed itself and make room for new hair development in the follicle. I recommend PRP injections therapy as it stimulates and regenerates your hair follicles using natural growth stimulators. Think of it like this:

The more cells you have in a given area, the faster that area can grow. A PRP injection is like a big “growth shot” in the form of a syringe. It’s like giving your hair a big boost.

PRP Injection Treatment: How long will I need to keep getting these shots?

I recommend that you get your PRP injections every 8 weeks for at least 6 months because this will give you enough time to see your newly grown hair before starting another cycle.

What happens in the first visit to our clinic?

First, you will get an initial consultation with our clinic’s Clinical Advisor who has expert knowledge and skills on PRP Injection Therapy and Hair Transplantation procedures. You will also be given a complete examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate as well as discuss the treatment’s duration and expectations. Then, we will target the scalp area where hair growth is desired.

Once your treatment is done, it is vital that you keep your exterior environment clean so that it would not clog your hair follicles. Scalp cleaning should be done once or twice a day to avoid acne breakouts and unsightly marks on your skin. PRP Therapy is essentially all-natural, so you can get the treatment without any risks. PRP Therapy is safe and effective. Ask Dr. Joshua Farkas about PRP Injection Treatment today!

Final Words

The options for hair replacement are so vast at Seattle Hair Transplant. We can help anyone who wants to explore them and find out what’s best for them, whether you’re interested in completely restoring your hair to its original appearance or looking for a quick fix until you have time to commit to a more permanent method of hair replacement such as a hair transplant. Our specialists will look at our patient’s unique needs and create a plan that will give them the best possible chance for success.

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