Why Pay Per Click Campaigns Can Generate an Immediate Return on Investment


Return on investment is calculated based upon the amount that is invested into a specific action, expectation, or advertising campaign. While there are several methods of marketing, pay-per-click advertising is one of the ways in which an immediate return on investment can be obtained.

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What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

King Kong’s PPC services in London is a form of marketing that places links or ads onto other websites, social media news feeds, and more. Each time that someone clicks on the ad for the campaign, it takes them to the website connected, and at that point, payment is completed to the company that hosted the ad. There is payment made only when the ad is clicked upon or the link is followed, so no payment is made if there is no interaction from that ad. Each business can determine where they want the ads to be placed, or they can choose to create an affiliate program where anyone can apply. The payments are small for each individual click, and the payouts can be made all at once at the end of the month for easy accounting. It is a common method of affiliate marketing and can help to grow any business.

How Does it Bring Immediate Returns?

Due to how the payment structure has been created, this method of marketing can be cost-effective and efficient. The immediate return on the investment is that someone has been directed to the site, followed the advertisement, and is engaging with the brand or business. It takes them there immediately, and there is no further action that they need to take. Once a viewer has clicked on the ad, they are taken immediately to the location on the page that is set by the business. It provides an immediate view and takes traffic to the website immediately. This direct link creates immediate traffic to the website and boosts the views. Due to some algorithms, the more people choose to interact with the ad, the more often it will be shown, and this increases traffic to the website daily.


While regular marketing and advertising require payment for hosting an ad, this one pays only when there is a click on the ad. In other marketing campaigns, there is no way to be certain which ad or which campaign grabbed the most attention if more than one is running at a time. When people search for the site themselves rather than a direct link, there is no way to know what encouraged them to do so. Through pay per click, there is a record and a history of which ads on which sites and pages, or social media streams, obtained the best results and increased traffic the most. This allows a much better overview of what marketing tactics and locations are working and which are not, so advertising dollars can be allocated to the most successful ads, and those that do not perform can be stopped.

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