When considering your home foundation, you can imagine a robust, solid, and strong base free from all damages. Of course, you want a base that holds your home firmly- after all, you invest your money, love, and energy into your home, and you don’t want to see it damaged in any way.

To ensure that your house stands safe and sound, it is essential to check its foundation regularly and ensure nothing is damaged. You may also look for cracks as they can compromise your foundation’s integrity in several ways.

Reasons for cracks in the foundation

You may think that cracks in your home’s foundation can occur by extreme damage, such as a natural disaster, but the damage can occur most naturally with time. Foundations are made from concrete, so most of them end up with cracks.

Remember, concrete is a mix of cement, gravel, sand, and water. And when the concrete gets fully dried, and water disperses, some changes take block. First and foremost, the substantial changes into a solid and gigantic block. Next, it shrinks with water evaporating, which may lead to small cracks. Now the cracks may appear small at the start but may not be visible with the naked eye too.

As the cracks are so small, no one pays attention to them. However, they exist and serve as an entry point for groundwater and insects. With time, they get larger and larger with more water and insects making their way inside.

This further causes your foundation disaster and leads to basement flooding. This is why it is essential to take note of foundation cracks and find out how you can repair them. Look out for processes to seal your foundation and make it impermeable.

Foundation crack repair

Correctly named, foundation crack repair is the procedure to repair your foundation cracks. It can be done in several ways. However, the preferable one is to use epoxy to seal the cracks. It is one of the most avidly used methods in the crack repair industry.

The simple method can be performed by homeowners, and it fixes the problem for the future. While this is something you can go with, it is always suggested to hire a professional to get a second opinion, majorly because if the epoxy is applied improperly or is used to seal a crack that is pretty moist, it is possible that it may not work.

Hence, hiring a professional to evaluate your basement is suggested. Contact an expert and ask them what your options are. Often they would suggest interior and exterior waterproofing methods for leaky basement Toronto. Once they give you a complete diagnosis and estimate, you can prepare accordingly for it.

Waterproofing PD professionals are perfect for getting your foundation cracks assessed. They will inspect the amount of damage the cracks have yielded and what they can cause in the near future and suggest the best remedies accordingly. It helps make your basement future-proof and waterproof.


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