Why & How A Stock Screener Can Elevate Your Portfolio


You wouldn’t think that a simple stock screener could save you time, money, and sanity – but then again, there’s a lot that claim to do just that. So, let’s put it into perspective – you’ve begun your investment journey with a bang and a pocketful of dreams – you’ve got your money lined up and a trusty amount of research tucked under your belt – you open your trading platform, and you are suddenly inundated with thousands of potential avenues to throw you money into.

A stock screener is where you are able to make a grander impact on the share market, and for your financial security in the years to come. A relatively simple program can make all the difference between an investor who goes with their gut and without taking the necessary steps, and the ones who succeed.

Yes, it may be a little dramatic but nonetheless true.

There are voices right now calling out, “But I don’t need a stock screener, I have this coach that tells me all the shares to invest in.” Those people are going to be running on empty quite soon as there is no point in having someone else call the shots on what you do with your money, especially these days with so much information available and tools at your disposal. This article will go over one such tool and its intrinsic value to the savvier investors – the humble stock screener.

Commonly Seen & Uncommonly Utilised

A stock screener is one of those lucrative tools that not a lot of people take advantage of, or not used to its full potential. It’s always hanging about on the various platforms available for trading shares on the ASX and NASDAQ but due to an over-complicated UI or the simple lack of knowledge on how to properly use it.

Essentially, a stock screener allows you to input the metrics and readings that best suit your investing practices and intentions – effectively filtering out the shares that are not suitable for your particular investing style.

From higher dividends to more riskier traversals – a stock screener has the unparalleled ability to tailor your experience in ways that elevate your investment portfolio potential exponentially – and yet, it is still strangely underutilised in a majority of situations.

Filter & Funnel Your Finances

The aforementioned filtration is where the magic is with a stock screener, whereas a standard chart or graph is best suited to the day traders. The graph goes point by point through a specific share price, allowing the day traders to effectively pick the precise moment to buy and sell. Not for the faint hearted or the longevity minded investors by any stretch.

The fundamental benefit of a stock screener, and more importantly the practice of using one effectively is in the organisational and de-cluttering aspects of the tool. Being able to filter out the ineffectual or irrelevant noise that permeates through the ASX on a daily basis is an asset that would do any new investor well to master.

Finding The One That’s Right For You

Now you’re thinking about it, right? Well good news for you, there is a stock screener almost everywhere you look – the question of quality is what this is all really about. The tool that is right for you is not always right for everyone else, so a little trial and error is afoot for many of you.

The best bet is to check your current investing platform for their version of a stock screener (they all have one don’t worry) and see if the UI and features are befitting your speed. The fun is in the experimentation, try the trials and see what works best for you.

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