Who Should Get Put in the DC Stargirl Show and Who Should Stay in the Comics

So far, DC’s Stargirl has brought many JSA members to the screen, including Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wildcat. However, the creators need to add plenty of more familiar and unfamiliar JSA characters to this show. Unfortunately, some really should be left in the comics.


Maxine Hunkel was an honorary JSA member because she started as the Red Tornado’s legacy. However, when a mad scientist kidnaped her, she was injected with nanobytes from the Red Tornado that gave her superpowers, dubbing her the newest official member of the JSA Cyclone. She then became best friends with Stargirl, demanding that she be an addition to the TV show.

Ma Hunkel

After serving as the Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel became the caretaker of the JSA Brownstone in the comics. Since she has no powers and her only special gear is a metal pot she wears on her head, Geoff Johns, executive producer of Stargirl, really should leave her in the comics.

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Jesse Chambers

If you’re a fan of The Flash, you’ve heard of Jesse Quick, although she is nothing the comic book character she is supposed to represent. In the WWII era comics, Jesse was the daughter of Johny Quick and Liberty Belle. Despite her mother’s attempts to give her a chance to be an average teenager, Jesse followed her father’s example and became Jesse Quick, the superhero. While she is already on TV, could probably better incorporate her and respect her roots.

Wildcat III

Wildcat and Wildcat II have already appeared on the TV show. Similar to Batman and the Green Lantern, the Wildcats are vigilantes who fight for justice. Wildcat III is Tom Bronson, Wildcat’s illegitimate son who can morph into a cat, which Stargirl is just not ready for, especially when Wildcat II is already on it. That’s a little too in your face, like Johns’ 2001 comic, A Burning Hate.

Jakeem Thunder

Fans of the JSA are already cheering because Jakeem Thunder has already been implied in Stargirl by Mike, Courtney’s stepbrother. This show needs a 5th-dimensional genie controlled by a magic pen that conveniently happens to look a lot like the one hidden in Courtney’s room.

While there are plenty of good opportunities for the makers of Stargirl to incorporate some new JSA members in the show, there is also the chance that things could go wrong. Hopefully, you know who to hope for and who to cringe at if you see them on the show.

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