Water is an essential basic commodity that is supposed to be available everywhere. However, some people have no access, either because of aridity or topography hence a need to seek alternatives through water pumps. I will be discussing how you can purchase a suitable pump for your needs.

Water pumps in the market range from makes, models, and brands. The purchasing power and use of each depend on individual needs and budget. Some will use pumps to draw water from boreholes and supply tall buildings, whereas others do farming or construction. To meet any of the above needs, consider some factors before purchasing a water pump.

Features of a good pump

Firstly is the flow rate – the rate at which the machine can pump per given duration of time. Powerful pumps deliver high supplies, thus managing high needs. The second is quality – a durable pump will offer a service that saves you money and guarantees returns. Next is the suction and discharge head – both should be of good size. Finally, the maximum height it can pump the water.

Mode of Operation

It concerns the manner the pump can suck water. Some pumps suck water through paddle wheels, others by the oscillation of a diaphragm, through pistons, roller compressors, or rotating pinions in the case of gear pumps. Each of these operations has a particular pump designed for that purpose. It is, therefore, advisable to read the label properly to understand the makeup and model.

Source of Power

Water pumps are categorized further by the source of power they use. We have solar and electric pumps that are ideal for light use and considerably cheap. Petrol water pump prices in Kenya are costly because they are the most powerful – ideal for farming and construction purposes. They are also multipurpose – serving many uses, hence, very high demand. However, the pump is available.


Once again, different models are made for specific performances and with unique features. A good example is submersible pumps which are ideal for use in boreholes. Therefore, we cannot use a light or lubrication pump to operate the same. Others include drums, metering, and sump pumps. They are all designed for use in different environments and functions.


You must get a warranty form from the manufacturer. If the pump dysfunctions, then you will need a replacement or repair. Ensure the make you buy has spare parts readily available when you need fixing a worn-out part in the future. Finally, purchase from a dealer who can offer after-sale services, for example, assembling and connection know-how.Transportation will be an added advantage.


Given the above discussion, it is evident that getting a good, quality, right-for-the-job affordable water pump requires effort. It entails thorough research on both online and physical widow shopping. Compare prices, models, and brands to acquire the best offer in the market. Do not forget to obtain a manual to help in learning the manufacturer’s terms of use and maintenance.


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