What to Do in the Evening – 5 Unusual Ways


The evening in Brazil is not only about the nightlife. Many people here have diverse tastes in culture, art, etc. They are eager to present these different ways of spending time in the evening when they are asked what to do in the evening.

As small-sized countries are usually well known for their gastronomy or excellent wines, Brazilians are also gifted with many unusual options that can be part of a great night out. Here we present five options of things that can help visitors and locals enjoy an entertaining and interesting evening:

1) Visit a Brazilian Steakhouse (Churrascaria) – These restaurants serve all kinds of delicacies like beef steaks and sausage cooked on big skewers over firewood, served buffet style. Besides the meats, there are also cheese bread, sushi, and salads. Customers can fill their plates as much as they want with whatever they like (except for desserts) all included in the price of the meal (prices $ $ $ $ ).

2) Go to a Sertanejo Concert – This is folk music in Brazil that people in different parts of the country enjoy listening to in their free time. The lyrics reflect themes of love, separation, misery, and anguish with accents sometimes high-pitched singing with a nasal tone. Well-known singers are Chitãozinho & Xororó, Daniel and Leonardo among many others.

3) Bet on Your Favorite Sport at an Online Bookmaker – One of the preferred things to do in the evening is to have a look at good sports games. And thanks to technology, it has become easier for people in Brazil to bet on different sports leagues, associations, and teams from all over the world. For example, Fightclub Casino is becoming increasingly popular. That’s why many people are paying more attention these days to what happens in major championships or local Brazilian competitions.

4) Participate in an Arts Workshop – When one thinks about art activities related to the nighttime, one may only think of clubs playing music where people spend hours dancing (or grinding). But there are also other options like learning how to dance the samba, play capoeira (a martial arts game), painting, and sculpting that can be done in different cultural centers or public schools mainly during evening hours.

5) Explore a Museum – Even though it has adopted the nightlife of other countries in its schedule, Brazil still preserves most of the museums open to the public during weekdays (from 10h00 am to 4h00 pm), but some are open until 6 or 8 pm). Besides the spaces with many archaeological items and historic documents, there is also an interesting museum about sexual intercourse! The Santander Cultural Center has prepared an exhibition by photographer André Sarlo called “Encounters” showing nude portraits of older women (and men since this is 2022!).

As a result, there are many things to do in the evening besides going out! Drinking a cold beer or a drink with friends is always an option, but one must not forget that there are more fascinating (and less harmful) activities that can be part of a great night out.

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