A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an electronically powered appliance to suck out dust and wet spills from carpets and other dry surfaces. These types of vacuums are known as wet and dry vacuums. Just as the name sounds, they serve both purposes, making your work easier. Instead of having a damp vacuum cleaner and a dry vacuum cleaner separately, it is easier to have one that serves both purposes simultaneously.

Many Kenyans know vacuum cleaners for dust removal on carpets and other dry surfaces. But thanks to technology. Nowadays, there are vacuum cleaners for both dust and wet spills removal.

If you plan to buy a vacuum cleaner, this article is for you because there are different kinds of vacuum cleaners, and all serve other purposes. This article focuses on wet and dry vacuum cleaners and what to look for when buying one. Through this article, you will be able to make a better decision depending on your needs for a vacuum cleaner.

Below are different things to check when buying a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Suction Power

The suction power for Samsung wet and dry vacuum cleaner Kenya varies from one vacuum to another. The higher the suction power, the more powerful your wet vacuum is. Determining the best suction power for your vacuum depends on the purpose for which you intend to use the machine. For example, a higher suction power would be necessary if you wish to clean heavy carpets.

Bin capacity

A bin is part of the vacuum that stores dirt after cleaning; this bin serves a significant purpose during cleaning. Therefore, having a bin size that accommodates all your earth comfortably is essential. Choose the size of the container depending on the estimation of how much dirt you will be collecting.

It would be hectic to keep emptying a small bin during your cleaning when you could have chosen a big one. A more extensive container costs higher than a smaller one; it would be a waste of money buying a vast compartment that the dirt.

Filtration System

Be sure to check and understand the filtration system of your vacuum. Some vacuums release some dirt particles into the air during filtration, which would be risky, especially for allergic people. The dirt particles can also cause illnesses, so it’s essential to check out the system well.


It is advisable to buy your vacuum cleaner from a reputable company that will give you atleast a one-year warranty on the product to be on the safer side. A warrant assures you of the company’s support and repair services in case of any damage to your product.


The vacuums come at different prices depending on the size and the producer. If you have a very tight budget, the wet and dry vacuum would be cheaper than buying each type separately. It will also save you space, time, and Maintainance cost of two machines.


We believe this article has enlightened you on the essential things to consider when buying a wet and dry vacuum. It is wise to keep this article within reach for you to reference when you plan to get a vacuum cleaner.


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