4 Crucial Questions Your Sexual Assault Lawyer Will Ask


The crime of sexual assault is a widely stigmatized one. And with good reason: It’s a heinous and illegal act.

Many people who commit sexual assault do so with malicious intent, meaning the perpetrator was intentionally looking to hurt the person they were with.

Due to the stigmatization behind sexual assault, victims can find it challenging to come forward. However, if you want to pursue a criminal case against the offender, you will have to answer complicated questions from the sexual assault lawyer they hire.

Here is a list of crucial questions you can expect your sexual assault lawyer to answer.

1. What Exactly Took Place?

When a sexual assault occurs, the first thing your lawyer will want to know is what happened. What did you see or hear? What did you do? Where were you when the incident took place? How old was the perpetrator?

Describing what happened in detail will give the lawyer an accurate narration of the events that unfolded, meaning they will be in an excellent position to advise.

Your lawyer will also want to know what you were wearing at the incident. Did you have any clothing that could identify you? Did you wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt?

2. How Did the Assault Take Place?

The crime of sexual assault can take many forms. Sexual assault may not even involve physical contact. It’s important to remember that this is a crime and, therefore, may apply different forms of evidence depending on the circumstances in which it occurred.

Perpetrators may use drugs or alcohol as opportunities to take advantage of victims, so it’s essential to know how the assault took place. If the sexual assault happened in a public setting, like a bar or club, then your lawyer will want to know whether the perpetrator had an opportunity to take advantage of your drunken state.

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Suppose they did not have an opportunity to take advantage of your intoxicated state. In that case, this may be an argument for why there’s less evidence of consent and, therefore, less evidence for the defense.

To be successful in your lawsuit, your lawyer will need this information because they’ll have to know what happened at a critical moment in the case.

3. What Did You Do After the Assault?

When a person is sexually assaulted, it can be challenging to know where to start. The first few hours are usually the most crucial for gathering evidence and figuring out how to get help. Your lawyer will ask you what you did after the assault.

They’ll want to learn as much as they can about what happened so that they can build a defense for you. For example, if someone was assaulted in their home, they may have immediately called friends or family members for help.

4. What Are Your Feelings About the Incident?

Your lawyer will want to know how you feel about the incident and why you didn’t come forward earlier. They will also want to know your motives for coming forward now.

Recognize that these questions might be challenging and that your answers may be difficult to hear at first. But don’t let it get to you—these are all standard questions that should help your lawyer understand the case better.

To Sum It Up

You should expect your attorney to ask you many different questions about the incident. These questions aim to gather the information that will either help your case or show that you were not assaulted. As such, it’s essential that you are honest with your attorney because the outcome of your case depends on it.

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