What to Consider When Buying a 300 Litre Solar Water Heater  


Choosing the correct solar equipment can be difficult for homeowners and developers. Solar water heaters frequently fail to survive, not because they are not genuine, but because the systems are employed for the wrong purposes. Before buying a solar water heater, it is critical to consider the following factors.

If you are a homeowner, especially in Africa, you may have experienced frustration over high electricity bills and unstable power supply. Due to its efficiency, low cost, and reliability, solar energy has proven to be an attractive option for developers coming up with new homes.

The continent continues to lag behind the rest of the world in terms of electricity access. However, African countries are now trying to use solar energy to increase their electricity production. Solar water heaters can reduce household electricity bills by up to 65 percent, mainly by conserving energy that would otherwise utilize electricity to heat water.

Tough glass

It consists of a toughened glass panel that protects the outside environment while allowing more than 90% sunlight to pass through. A total of 40kg is required to lift the system. These features determine the 300 litre solar water heater price

Enamel coating

The inner tanks of storage water heaters are sometimes protected by enamel coating to help keep it free of rust.It features a 150-liter closed loop with a blue communal collector.Insulated flexible connecting pipes and magnesium sacrificial rod are included. These features add on the overall cost of the equipment.

Vacuum glass tubes

The UltraSun vacuum tube determines the 300-liter solar water heater price because it uses vacuum-sealed glass tubes to collect solar energy. It’s an effective heating device because even in the winter, it quickly warms the water in the tube.

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Collector heater

This heater consists of a water tank and a collector as separate components. Also included is a panel made up of an absorber comprised of copper tubes and aluminum fins sealed and welded together in one piece. You should consider all these components when purchasing the heater.

Quality of the heater

Aside from the model, the quality of the product is essential. The majority of solar water heater manufacturers provide warranties of three years or longer on their equipment. If the water is of low quality, the tank will leak, and the solar panel will not be able to create enough energy to heat the water properly.

Type of tank

It is equally critical to ensure that the tank is of high quality to avoid leaks. Consider purchasing a tank that has been welded using tungsten arch technology since this will help to prevent leaks. Additionally, it should have a 1.5mm thickness to ensure long-term endurance.

In conclusion, a 300-liter solar water heater can provide hot water for a household of five or six people, as well as for a couple of bathroom fixtures. Make use of the characteristics to assist you in determining the best solar heaters for your need.

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