What to Consider Before Purchasing a Compressor Machine


A compressor is a pneumatic device that increases gas pressure by reducing volume. Air compressors are the most used type of gas compressor. There are several things to consider when you require a compressor for a specific application hence the different types and working capabilities.

In this article, we will discuss what you should consider before purchasing a compressor.

Compressor machines are different types and models, so what do you look for when choosing the best compressor for your business?

The following are factors to consider:

Amount of compressed air required

Compressors are of different types, and the amount of compressed air generated differs from one type of compressor to another. Two main types of compressors are available; positive displacement and dynamic compressors.

Dynamic compressors give a constant air discharge, while positive displacement provides an erratic or irregular supply of compressed air. So before choosing your compressor of choice, consider the demand in the application area and discharge the compressor.


The compressor’s capacity is vital, and compressors come in different capacities. A centrifugal compressor and a reciprocating compressor have various working capacities. Before purchasing a compressor, you must know the capacity required in your application area.

Capacity control is also essential when a compressor is used in different applications; you should choose a compressor whose capacity you can control.


Compressors tend to be noisy; the amount of noise differs from one model to another. Many compressors are fitted with a sound enclosure to mitigate noise pollution to create a more comfortable working environment. Oil-lubricated compressors tend to rattle and cling less; hence, they are quieter than oil-free ones. Noise can deter productive work at your workplace so choosing a model with less noise is imperative.

Power supply

The power source of the compressor is of great importance when considering the best compressor. Electric-powered compressors are more suitable for indoor applications because of their convenience, cleanliness, and lack of fumes. The gas compressor is preferred for outdoor use as it is efficient and way cheaper to run. For the best electric and gas-powered compressors, check out the compressor machine price in Kenya.

Pressure and volume

To choose the best compressor, you should consider the air pressure and volume. Air pressure is the number of compressed air compressors produced, calculated in psi (pounds per square inch); many pneumatic tools operate at 90 psi.

Volume is also a factor; adequate volume is required for devices to operate at peak performance. CFM (compressor per minute) is indicated in the tool’s rating for optimum performance.

Compressors cooling method

Different types of compressors have separate cooling systems. There are air-cooled, water-cooled, and oil-cooled compressors. Before selecting a compressor, identify where it will be used; the compressor’s environment plays a part in the type of cooling system required.

For example, a confined place with higher temperatures will need a water-cooled compressor, while in a well-ventilated area; you can use an air-cooled compressor.


When considering purchasing a compressor, the abovementioned aspects help determine the suitable compressor for you. Source https://www.aircompressors.co.ke.

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