What kind of career options can you expect as a digital marketing specialist?


With the past year spent in lockdowns, the internet has become the new hang-out place for most of us. Internet usage has multiplied manifold over the past year among different demographic groups which haven’t escaped the notice of marketing teams around the world.

Digital marketing continues to be very important for companies to reach out to new audiences and maintain relationships with existing ones. It is fast becoming one of the most significant alternatives for revenue generation for companies. Digital businesses aside, even conventional brick-and-mortar businesses see the benefits of investing in a capable digital marketing team.

With this surge in the digital marketing industry, more and more people are looking towards digital marketing careers. Courses specializing in digital marketing specialist training are seeing higher admissions and footfalls, and the internet has exploded with uncountable learning resources for digital marketing.

However, before investing in such a course, you might want to learn more about the kind of career prospects you can look forward to as a digital marketing specialist. Read ahead to explore some intriguing career roles in digital marketing.

  1. SEO Managers: SEO managers are responsible for overseeing the company’s overall marketing strategies to enhance their visibility on various search engines. They oversee SEO professionals and their efforts to improve the search engine rankings of their company. As an SEO manager, you should have a thorough knowledge of web analytics, social media strategy, keyword optimization, and content planning.
  2. PPC Marketing Managers: PPC stands for Pay-per-click. PPC marketing managers handle paid marketing campaigns on different websites through Google Ads, Facebook, or Instagram ads. Your job description as a PPC marketing manager would include writing advertisement copy, running A/B testing on the campaigns, and selecting the target audience for the campaign. You will also have to analyze the campaign data for creating more effective marketing strategies down the line.
  3. Corporate Bloggers: Corporate bloggers often work full-time or as freelancers to create marketing or informative content to be put on the client’s website. The end goal of their writing is to create relevant and educational content that can attract readers and convert them into marketable leads. The job description includes tasks like researching and writing articles on a wide range of topics, adhering to the branding copy guide set by the marketing team, and pitching new content ideas.
  4. Social Media Influencers: Social media influencers are usually well-known in their domains and have a large number of people following them on different social media platforms. These freelancers join hands with different companies to promote their brands and increase their audience engagement in return for monetary or product compensation.

Apart from these roles, you can also consider becoming an audience research specialist, content marketer, market researcher, performance measurement specialist, or paid social marketer.

A background in digital marketing can provide you the transferable and specialist skills for a wide range of relevant jobs such as communication managers in other fields as well. Invest in a good digital marketing program today to unlock the bright career prospects in the digital age waiting for you.

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