What do Generation Y pay attention to when looking for a job in IT?


Today’s job market is extremely dynamic, but IT jobs are getting a lot of attention especially from young people. In recent years, the industry has evolved considerably and has not been affected by the pandemic that the world has experienced.

Because of the advantages that come with such a job, many people are opting for them, even retraining. As for Generation Y, they pay attention to certain aspects when looking for a job in IT.

What are the things to consider when looking for a job in IT?


First of all, when a job offer is available, Generation Y immediately pays attention to the benefits they could have. Salary, bonuses, facilities and future possibilities weigh heavily in their final decision. For this reason, most recruiters make sure that the job advertisement is as attractive as possible in this respect.

In addition, this generation’s desire for stability should not be ignored, as they want to be part of an organizational culture that allows them to develop in a safe and innovative environment.

Recruitment style

The way in which recruitment is carried out also plays an important role, as potential candidates want to go through the process as efficiently as possible. If the company does not have qualified staff to interview candidates, then it risks losing valuable employees.

For this, they can turn to an IT recruitment agency such as Ams Accelerate IT, which offers services for both companies and people looking for an attractive job. Through such an agency, Generation Y can find the right job for their desires.


A big workplace desire of Generation Y is flexibility. They want to have a flexible schedule that allows them to multitask. Today, most IT jobs offer the possibility of doing the necessary work remotely, which is a great advantage.

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