What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Flying With Vapes?


With spring in the air and summer hopefully lurking not too far around the corner, many of our thoughts have turned to travel and getting away for a much needed seasonal getaway.

If you’re planning a summer break but are worried about whether you’ll be able to fly with your vape kits and VooPoo PnP V2 Coils, here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure you can travel safely while still enjoying everything you’ve come to love about vaping:

DO: bring your vape kits on the plane with you

While you can carry your vaping kits, Vaporesso coils and associated paraphernalia with you when you fly, they MUST be in your carry-on bags, and not in your checked-in baggage.

DO: switch your device off before packing it

This means turning the device fully off, and not just putting it into sleep mode.

DO: wrap spare batteries

This will prevent them from short-circuiting, and they must then be placed inside your carry-on bags, and not in your checked-in luggage.

DO: store e-liquids appropriately

As with other liquids not exceeding 100ml, e-liquids should be placed securely inside clear plastic bags that correspond with your chosen airline’s guidelines. It’s recommended to empty vape device tanks and place them in a clear plastic bag in your carry-on luggage, too, as they may otherwise crack or leak due to the cargo area’s pressurisation.

DON’T: vape openly in the airport

Most airports have their own rules surrounding vaping and where you can and can’t do it safely, so always check for designated smoking and vaping areas before puffing away in the check-in queue or inside a toilet cubicle!

DON’T: bring unsealed e-liquids onto the plane

As mentioned above, while e-liquids are permitted to be taken onto a plane in your carry-on luggage, they must be sealed in a clear plastic bag, and not exceed 100ml.

DON’T: vape on the plane

This is absolutely forbidden by all airlines, and doing so could see you face stiff penalties and fines.

DO: check the airline’s policy for disposable vapes in checked-in baggage

Due to the lithium batteries contained with disposable vaping devices, your chosen airline will have its own policy surrounding the carrying of such devices in your carry-on bag. The majority of airlines permit passengers to carry between 15 and 20 disposable vaping devices in their carry-on bags, provided they’re appropriately sealed and stored, but it’s important to check this before flying.

DON’T: take your vaping devices to countries in which they are banned

In the UK, vaping is perfectly legal, but it’s important to note that some countries have banned or restricted their sale and/or use, and getting caught vaping while spending time there as a tourist, could result in severe penalties that would almost certainly put an end to the enjoyment of your trip. Some countries of note are Brazil, Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico, but you should always check the law surrounding vaping and the owning of related devices, well in advance of your trip to avoid disappointment, frustration and expense.

If you’re an enthusiastic vaper, make sure you check the policies and regulations of your chosen airline(s) before travelling with your disposable vapes or refillable vape pod kits. Be sure also to check your destination country for any laws that might prevent you from vaping, or buying associated paraphernalia once you arrive.

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