What are the disadvantages of seafood?


You must be wondering that do they have disadvantages. If so then what are they? Well, it’s true that seafood have some disadvantages that can lead to various diseases. It can harm your health plus it can change the daily diet.

Having seafood in your daily life is good but do maintain the safety and quantity of the food. The seafood is only harmful in one condition. First if it is not maintained properly and the supply of destroy food, further damage health condition and cause serious illness.

There are some specific types of fish like some crabs and pious salmon that found in oceans but shouldn’t be consumed because they are not made to eaten.  Some of the fishers are too cleaver to earn the money start doing salmon sale and people buy them because it cheap but it is contaminated that is not good to eat. It is the one case there are many others so let start about learning some basic disadvantage of sea food.

1) Poisonous

The disadvantages with eating seafood are that some crabs of fishes are harmful for us. The sellers sometimes for the sake of the business without considering the harm they sell them and we can get hurt from such poisonous fishes. To avoid such fish always make sure that you buy the seafood from any reliable source. Or always consider the feedback of the restaurant you are going to eat it will save you from harm.

2) Unsafe to eat

How it is unsafe to eat well let me tell you and you will go to agree with me the fishes with the bones are unsafe. You know once the bone stuck in my throat and the pain was real. I can’t tell how much I have to struggle to get it out the throat. If you are a quick eater I will recommend you to eat slowly so you don’t just end up like me.

3) High in mercury

Including other mineral like zinc, iron. Mercury is also commonly found in the seafood’s. If you have a little understanding you must know that Mercury is known as a slow poison it kills slowly over body. Yes so for the seafood freaks are aware you can end up hurting yourself. But with careful managed diet it won’t be happening.

4) Allergic reaction

The some people show reaction for some specific seafood. The fishes some special kind causes the vitiligo which is the most common disease cause by consuming seafood. It is not yet known which seafood because such a harm to avoid it makes sure you are not allergic to sea food.

5) Harmful contaminates

Seafood cooked with the farming fishes are contaminated with different chemicals which are far different from the one which are found naturally. The best way is known to the source of the growth of the seafood.


I hope that you are now well aware from disadvantages of seafood. So be careful and try to eat the food that is free from the disadvantages.

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