Gold is the very famous and most loved metal in every part of the world. Whenever anyone talks about jewelry, they think of only gold ornament designs. For centuries, gold is the favorite metal which is worn by men and is a popular gift to make a woman fall in love with you. It was always part of the traditional jewellery designs that are transferred from one generation to another. Whatever be the occasion, people love to gift their dear ones the latest gold jewellery designs so that they can cherish them for their entire life. Also, it is the easiest way of investment. Many people prefer to invest in gold jewellery. The woman wears it on special occasions and can sell it when there is a requirement for money.

Pure gold is always soft and the ornaments made from it are not very durable. Hence, to increase the strength it is mixed with other metal alloys.

There are three types of gold available in the modern jewellery market – Yellow gold, White gold, and Rose gold. The most famous one is the yellow gold but people are now loving the latest gold ornament designs which are made of white and rose gold as well. The color of the gold changes because of the metal used in the alloy mixture.

Yellow gold is considered the purest form of metal as it is the natural form in which it occurs. But to make beautiful ornaments, it is mixed with the metals like zinc and copper to increase strength and make durable ornaments.

The color of white gold is very close to silver or platinum. It is achieved by mixing gold with metals like palladium and nickel.

Rose gold gives a beautiful pinkish color to the ornaments. This is so because this alloy includes about 25% copper in it.

While purchasing the gold ornaments now, there are various choices including the color of the gold. People mostly get confused that which will look more appealing on their body when they wear it. The best way to select it is by matching it with your skin tone and the color of the dresses you love to wear the most.

So, whenever you plan to purchase a gold pendant set, Kada, necklace, ring, or any other ornament, do not just stick to the yellow gold. There are two other choices available in the modern market now. Whether you are purchasing it for yourself or planning to gift it to your favorite person, select the best one depending on the skin tone of the person.

Another important point to consider while buying gold is to check for purity and durability. The quantity of gold is calculated by Karats. When other metals are mixed with gold it affects the cost as well as the durability of the ornament. For example, when you buy a 10k ring and a 14k ring, a 10k gold ring has more mixed alloys as compared to a 14k gold ring. Mixing it with more alloy makes it more durable and can be worn on daily basis.

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