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Creating music defines the creativity and appeals to the imagination of the creator. Composing and making music leads to discovering other possibilities of the creator of the musician. One the other hand when someone feels emotional they listen to music. The emotion can be either joyful or painful but people turn on the music which is comfortable for them in order to feel better. Music strengthens up people in different situation and works as a very good coping mechanisms.

According to modern research, we can see that when we listen to some music and enjoy it at that very particular moment our brain will release some certain natural chemicals. When we are listening to the music our body’s nervous system produces endorphins. It actually helps reduce pain and stress. It is also known as feel-good hormone.

Biography of Midnightview:

Ricardo McLean is the actual birth name of the famous music creator known as Midnightview. He is also called as Nev Smith. He was born in Jamaica. Currently he is living in Hollywood, CA, United State. He works as a musician, discographer. He is in the music industry almost over one and a half decade.

The newest and the upcoming music creation of Midnightview:

His newest and the upcoming music is labeled as I don’t like people, but I like you … cause Anya your eyes were Taylor made to bring joy to the world. The music is all about the affection of your towards the person you love the most.  It is for these people, words often are not enough to express themselves. To deal with heavy emotions, and feel safe again, another approach is needed. I don’t like people, but I like you … cause Anya your eyes were Taylor made to bring joy to the world will bond you with the loved one of yours and it will work as a powerful tool to express you in a different way than with words.

Places where will you found this upcoming music track:

You will find I Don’t Like People, But I Like You on YouTube. It is also available on Spotify.  You can follow us on instagram. We would like it very much if you like our upcoming track I don’t like people, but I like you.


We believe in that everyone should have the freedom to enjoy their life by listening to good music. It helps them to express their feelings and enjoy their life. We believe that music can create freedom, empower groups and people to better understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

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