Types of Lawn Mowers Popular in Kenya


Lawn mowers are innovated machines meant to be used to maintain lawns to a certain height. They have become of so much interest in the new world of technology with most of them being automated. Their presence surely has a profound effect on the appearance of lawns both in residential and public places.

Lawn mowers can be grouped according to how they are used. According to how they are used, we have walk behind mowers, zero turn mowers and ride on mowers.

The lawn mowers prices in Nairobi vary starting with a walk behind lawn mower as the cheapest and the ride on as the most expensive.

Walk behind lawn mower

Just as the name suggests, this mower has to have a work person behind to move it around while making the lawns. They are not powered to move around on their own. It is not that intelligent as it lacks sensors to help move and avoid obstacles. Its initial price is much cheaper than the rest of the mowers. Its maintenance cost is much lower compared to the rest. Below is an example.

Zero turn lawn mower

These are mowers which have a zero turn radius. They were developed formaneuverability and speed. They have their mowing deck in front instead of underneath them. The lawn mowers are perfect andare highly recommended for all of those who don’t think of themselves as landscapers.

They have four wheels, two are small and acts as swivels and the other two as driving wheels.The lawn mower can also get very close to obstacles and hence they can be used to get to even the unreachable areas.

These lawn mowers are much more expensive than walk behind lawn mowers.

It should be noted that a zero turn lawn mower can also be a walk behind lawn mower. The name comes from its structure and not from how it is operated. They have the mowing deck in front of them and not underneath them.

They can also be ride on lawn mowers but remember the structure is superior when naming it than how it is operated.

Ride on lawn mower

They are operated while one sits on them. They have a steering wheel to control the operator handles which are to be used to control the driven wheels.They are much more expensive than a normal walk behind lawn mower.


Lawn mowers are of great essence in the new world and the beauty of lawns depends on their effectiveness. There are also a range of lawn mowers to choose from according to the size of the pocket and work specifications. When purchasing a lawn mower, it is important to compare different lawn mowers provided in different market places and consider the prices as well to avoid purchasing counterfeit product and being overcharged. Lawn mowers are now readily available in Kenya; you therefore have no excuse for not maintaining your lawn neatly

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