How to Choose the Best Maize Shellers and their Prices


Corn is the most cultivated crop in Kenya. Harvesting this crop comes with a lot of hustle as it is an intensive activity requiring a lot of work. This article covers how maize shellers have done away with such.

The maize harvest period involves a lot of tedious activities, which have been made easier by the changing technology. Harvesting machines are produced for the sole purpose of simplifying the process. The pieces of equipment are available in different types with distinct features, which means adequate research is done before purchasing. Here are some of the things to look for when buying a maize sheller;

What is a Maize Sheller?

Maize shelling is the process of detaching maize grains from the maize cobs. A maize sheller is a machine used in the maize threshing process. These machines have simplified manual activities, making work easy, reducing work period, less labor input, and decreasing the overall harvesting costs.           

A double-tubed electriccorn sheller.


The maize shellers are in two major categories,  manually operated and powered maize shellers. The powered maize sheller is made up of an enclosed metal drum driven by an engine and is mostly used by large-scale farmers. A manually operated corn sheller, on the other hand, requires no engine for functionality but is operated by hand and is perfect for small-scale farmers.


Choosing a piece of cost-effective machinery is the goal. Select a machine with low maintenance charges, durable, and one with a warranty. The maize sheller price in Kenya varies depending on the type, size, and quality. The value-driven from the machine should be more than or at least match the price.


Portability is another feature to consider when purchasing a machine. Farmers need equipment that makes work easy by the ease of operation and movement allowance. Portability comes with the advantage of easy storage, and ease of movement when performing tasks. Portable machines are simple and easy to operate.


The shelling machine uses kernels that are separate from the body. The feeding inlet provides passage for corn to enter into the roller. The roller is then is impacted by the rotor, rotating at a very high speed forcing the maize grains off the cob. The machine then expels the cobs from the rear. The feeding rate should be carefully maintained s excessive feeding will lead to overload, and damages to the equipment.


A minimal amount of labor is required

Reduces the expense of hiring a large workforce.

It reduces the time and effort previously used.

It is reliable.

Minimizes the overall cost of harvesting.

Helps to reduce losses.


Agriculture is an economic activity that is highly practiced in Kenya. The pieces of machinery, tools, and equipment used in this process should be availed at affordable prices to create fair opportunities for all farmers across. The government supports agricultural services by promoting the Jua kali industries that produce and sell agricultural machines.

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