Peanut butter is an edible paste made from dry peanuts with nutritious minerals like vitamins and lots of proteins.

This article focuses on peanut butter-making machines. With just pressing several buttons on the machine, the immersion blender and the heating unit grind, mix and heat the peanut to make peanut butter.

Due to the fast uprising of technology, industrialization, and comfy lifestyles, people are choosing easier ways of living, thus the need for a peanut butter-making machine. Just by looking at a tool, it’s not enough to tell you its capabilities and its cons. The following are the top factors to consider when purchasing a peanut butter making machine:


The machine can process from as low as 10 kilograms up to 4tonnes of butter in just one hour, depending on the variety, and give you maximum yields if purchased for business purposes. The process needs a low consumption of power, between 1.5 kilowatts for small capacities to 75 kilowatts for large capacities.

Speed to multitask

The machine will roast, peel, grind, cool, mix, and store. Still, the machine cannot only process peanuts but produce the butter naturally, salty, sweet, or stable according to persons like. The machine maker is not only limited to processing peanuts but can process other varieties like almond butter, soybean paste, fruit paste, and chili sauce.


One should choose the model depending on their specifications, where small scale chooses small machine makers and large scale chooses large machine makers for bigger outputs. Peanut butter making machine prices in Kenya mostly vary on the model of the machine and not the size of the machine.


Most of the machines are made of stainless steel to ensure durability and stability. Its features are powder blades, triple blades, rotary blades, dust removal blades, swing type milling with copper machinery for high speed, and timer functions that can be changed to the level of fineness of crushing and degree in grinding to your specifications.

Price of the machine maker

Most of the prices vary with the machine maker size, material, or capacity in which they process. But not to worry, the prices are not constant. It just depends on the specifications you want for home purposes or business purposes and still makes the same peanut butter.

Size of the Machine

Peanut butter machine makers are not of the same size, so you don’t have to worry if they will fit in your home or business area. The size depends on the capacity of butter you want to process. Since the shapes are different, you should check the space already you have and the size of the machine maker to avoid complications.


As we have seen above, peanut butter machine maker is not limited, don’t make an assumption that their prices are high for you to afford and say it’s for the rich or people with business. No, it still goes down to people who want to use it for home purposes or small-scale side hustles.


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