5 Essential Factors Considered Before a Grease Gun


The Grease gun is among the most common appliances you would see or interact with within production plants or shops. To have known its significance, you must have deliberately studied its functioning. However, in this case, we might consider exploring its aspects of price, especially in Kenya.

In determining the prices of the Grease Guns, so many factors are considered. In this case, however, this article will enable one to analyze the various factors that determine its price so that the cost would not become an obstacle to seizing its magnificent importance.

The price of a Grease Gun should not surprise you. Everyone knows well that all that glitters is not gold. In this type of tool, quality is among the foremost factor that considers its price. Generally, you will understand that the higher the quality of a tool the higher the production cost and hence the higher the final price. Let us examine some of these factors.


As previously mentioned, the quality of a Grease Gun best determines its price in Kenya. They are mostly made up of highly resistant metals and thick rubber linings as raw materials usually fetched from complex production companies. This definitely increases the strain involved in their production. Depending on this evident quality structure, its price does not become a surprise.

Shipping costs

If either the raw materials or the final product itself is shipped from abroad, the pricing in Kenya slightly increases to cater for such costs. In most cases, a great index of price is embedded in the final price rating. However, companies in Kenya which can assemble the raw materials have greatly aided in lowering its overall price index.

Type of the Grease Gun

The grease gun price in Kenya is much dependent on their various types. Knowing the mechanisms that involve the manufacturing of the Grease Gun then becomes essential. Currently, there are three main forms of its manufacturing which inform how they would later be powered as follows;

They can be powered by electricity, hand or air. Further, the manual (or hand) powered gun can be manufactured with either a pistol or lever grip. Their types are also determined by how the Grease Gun is loaded;

The Manual (pistol grip)provides for about 0.8grams per pump and it is the most common.

The Manual (lever grip) provides for about 1.28 grams per pump.

The Pneumatic (Pistol Grip) provides for about 0.8 grams per pump.

The Battery (pistol grip) works more or less as the pneumatic pistol pump but has an advantage due to it being cordless.

The physical structure,design or texture

Naturally, there are various designs in which the Grease Guns are made. Depending on the design, the prices are determined since the higher the design complex, the more likely it would increase the production costs and the more likely would its final price be.

Government pricing index policy

In virtually every product, the government has a special place in contributing to the pricing of the Grease Gun product based on the tax the commodity has to generate and the regularity of its marketplace.

In conclusion, the price should not be an obstacle for one to acquiring a Grease Gun for industrial or personal use. Their essentiality remains vital and their use constantly grows everywhere.

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