So, you’re a Canadian consumer seeking to get a new mattress from the comfort of your own home. You’ve sorted out your tastes, done little Sleep polis research *wink wink*, and have finally agreed on what you hope would be someone’s ideal bed. However, you quickly understand that many bed-in-a-box companies are based in the United States and do not export mattresses from outside the nation.

Choosing the Best High-Quality Mattress in Edmonton:

However, in recent years, a few great Canadian mattress companies have responded to your call. They situated themself just above the southern border. They provide more than enough softness to sleepers from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. On the other hand, our top selections for the best mattress store near you in Edmonton mattress in Canada are as follows:

Endy has increased the comfort level of their unique mattress by including an open design that keeps the bed cool. Due to the tendency of latex mattresses to produce heat, Endy has designed. Because the pleasure layer of its premium mattresses has an open concept that keeps the beds cool. There was also a permeable cover to keep things comfortable.

The pleasant layer is followed by a stretch of poly foam, which is then followed by a base of greater polyfoam. However, the bed gets stronger as it gets closer to the bottom, definitely placing it in the Extremely Firm category.

Silk and Snow Hybrid: 

However, you are looking for a bed that provides both soft pressure relief and substantial support. The Silk and Snow combination bed might be what you’re looking for. You’ll feel secure and comfortable on this bed.

On this bed, couples should be content. It features excellent edge support. They are allowing you to extend all of them down to the bed’s sides. However, it separates motion effectively, so you won’t be affected by a sleepless partner’s movements.


The Douglas mattress from is described as the “most Canadian mattress in Canada,” and it’s made with Canadian-sourced components that won’t damage. The Douglas is an all-foam bed with a smoother stiffness rating of 6/10 due to a combination of gentle gel foam mattresses and buoyant Elastex foam, which is stabilized at the bottom by high-density polyfoam. All through Ontario and Quebec, every mattress is made with materials supplied from Canada.

Final Verdict:

In our best mattress store near you in Edmonton lab, we’ve put a lot of goods through their paces, including pressure mappings and motion transmission measurements using a seismometer. Following that, we provide an overall score to each bed based on components, comfort, stability, cooling, and edge assistance. With categories like price and guarantee, we also consider brand equity.

We also included unique extra criteria in our list of the Best Canadian Mattresses. Therefore, we began with Canadian businesses, with a particular focus on businesses that also make their goods in the Great White North. On the other hand, the list was then completed with a few U.S. firms which have since established offices or began exporting to Canada.


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