Top 5 jobs you can take up after pursuing CSE in B Tech

Computer Science Engineering(CSE) is one of the most sought-after B.Tech disciplines chosen by aspiring students. The field offersan accessible career path to the students to pursue a lucrative career across various sectors. Moreover, the present digital era is highly dominated by diverse technological development demanding skilled engineers in computer science. If you have completed your schooling in the science stream and possess the desire to explore, develop, and experiment with the digital world, you can opt for a B. tech computer science and engineering.

The future of computer science engineering graduates is bright, with ample opportunities to grow their career trajectory. However, students still find themselves in the dilemma of what to do after earning a B.Techdegree in CSE. If you find yourself in this situation, then trust me, you’ve landed the right blog. Read ahead to enlighten yourself about the top five jobs you can take up after pursuing B.Tech in computer science engineering.

Here are the top five job options for a B Tech graduate in Computer Science Engineering:

  1. Software Developer: A software developed is a creative and brainstorming mastermind behind all sorts of computer programmes. The fundamental role of a software developer is to create a software programme that can perform various tasks. In plain words, they develop programmes and applications that are compatible to be viewed on any device to be easy to access and portable to view. The students who pursue computer science engineering can become software developers because they are well-equipped with hard and soft skills, which is important for this role.
  2. Database Administrator:The role of a database administrator is to check and supervise the existing software modifications while keeping an eye on the purchase of software made by customers. Database administrators are highly responsible and thus require being watchful to control the company database and keep the confidential data safe and secure.
  3. Computer System Analyst:Computer system analysts help the organisation use computer technologies effectively and efficiently. After doing a cost-benefit analysis, they incorporate new technologies into existing systems to determine if it is a financially sound decision that can contribute to the entity.
  4. Computer Network Architect:Computer network architects are computer science engineers who design and build data communication networks, including Intranets, WANs(Wide Area Network), and LAN(Local Area Network). They are primarily responsible for planning data communication networks while upgrading hardware such as routers and adaptors and software like network drivers required for computer network support.
  5. Mobile Application Developer:The business industry today is planning to diversify and expand its services through mobile applications. Mobile applications are something that we use in the day-to-day avenues of our lives. Mobile app developers create these applications. An individual with a B.Tech degree in Computer Science with excellent programming skills can grab the opportunity to embark on a career makeover.

A CSE degree can open doors for a floodgate of opportunities. The students opt for computer science engineering because of the promising career that it offers post completing the degree. Graduates of CSE become eligible to take on many in-demand job roles on national and international platforms. Moreover, a B.Tech degree in CSE discipline is widely recognised and accepted across the globe. To learn more about the B.Tech in CSE log on to our website now!

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