Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India’ has a cosmopolitan culture attracting people from across the world. Hence is a hub for amalgamation of cross cultures, celebrating festivals, weddings etc. full year round. Thus, paving way for various occasions to dress fashionably. Furthermore, Bangalore is home to ecommerce, textile, garment and apparel manufacturers and therefore hosts lots of fashion shows, product launches as well as Miss India Pageant etc.

Coupled with this, the youth employed with startups, IT companies as well as studying, have an active social life, thus making it a perfect destination to showcase fashionable sense of dressing.

Therefore, we can say that the city of Bangalore presents an ideal destination for undertaking a fashion design course in Bangalore. However, in order to identify the top fashion designing college in Bangalore, you should deliberate on the following factors:

Campus Director

The leadershipguides the team into the direction of not only success but also satisfaction of contributing to the growth of the institute. Hence ensure that the campus director of the college of your choice is not only a fervent academician and researcher but also an industry professional. Additionally, if the Campus Director is from a top management school and has done fashion course from the global best, then his wisdom can not only add value to the learning of studentsbut also guide them to get that extra edge vis-e-vis his peers from other colleges.


Campus must boast of a faculty that should be rich in experience across courses such that they can mentor the students in not only professional development but also in developing their life skills.

Student Learning:

The campus must ensure education that is not limited to only books but must integrate modern learning techniques that includes not only experiential learning through student exchange programs, experience labs, live projects etc. but also  imparting of special multi-disciplinary/inter-disciplinary skills.

Student Development

The college must ensure comprehensive student development through guidance in both academic and non-academic matters of concern. They must work towards enhancing student’s capabilities as well as their confidence through conducive environment and support across all years in non-judgmental and positive atmosphere.

Student’s Well-being:

The campus should boast of adequate round the clock medical services to assist in any medical crisis along with tie ups with medical facilities for exigencies. Furthermore on campus canteens must ensure healthy food to cater to various tastes as well as food habits taking care of maintaining proper hygiene. Along with this on campus availability of course-based stationery essentials will be an added bonus.

In addition to the above services, college must offer sports and gym facilities for students. Regular tournaments must be conducted to inculcate sportsmanship as well as healthy competitive spirit. Beside this, it will also allow students to spend their free time constructively.


A home away from home is what everyone yearns and the college you choose must offer a comfortable stay to its students offering appropriate services likesecurity, in-room amenities, electricity, air condition, wi-fi, housekeeping services, healthy meals and entertainment.

Given the opportunities as well as campus infrastructure, Bangalore is a wise choice for studying Fashion designing. The city has young vibes, supports start-ups in addition to having stable industries. So be future ready by registering for your fashion designing course, RIGHT NOW!


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