Top 4 Ways To Make Your Home Livable For All Seasons


Whether you are jumping from country to country or have just returned from vacation, there is always a lot that needs to get taken care of. Everybody has their own taste for things and what works for one, might not work for the other. Here I am going to share some information about 4 ways to make your home livable in all seasons!

1. Make it warmer, by adding rugs and lamps

When the seasons change, your home may be unlivable for a few days. The winter is freezing, and the summer is hot. But here are some tips to make it warmer in winter, and cooler in summer so you can enjoy both seasons.

Make it warmer, by adding rugs and lamps

Rugs cover your floor and keep your feet warm. You can buy a rug in any color or size. A rug will also make your home look more beautiful. If you want to be extra-warm in the winter, buy an electric blanket. Place it on top of your bed before going to bed at night, and you will sleep warm all night long.

Lamps don’t just make your home brighter; they also make it warmer. A lamp produces heat from light bulbs. It’s like turning on a heat lamp in your house! Lamps are good for small areas like a bedroom or den where you just want to have good lighting and stay warm at the same time.

2. When things get wet, make them warmer

Winter is here, and with it comes the cold weather. This can be a problem for those living in colder climates, especially those that are used to the warm summers.

When temperatures start dropping, people will turn their heaters on. Unfortunately, not all homes are built to handle this kind of extreme temperature change. In some cases, the heat can even cause serious damage to your home if you don’t take care of it properly.

To prevent any problems from occurring, you should make sure that your home is prepared for winter before it arrives.

For example if one of your appliances requires repair, or if your eavestroughs are leaking.

There are several ways to do this including:

Insulate Walls and Ceilings: Heat rises and cold air falls, so insulation in walls and ceilings can help prevent drafts from entering into your home. If there are any gaps or cracks in these areas, you may want to consider getting them repaired as soon as possible before they become worse over time.

Fix Air Leaks Around Doors And Windows: These are one of the most common places where cold air can enter a house during winter months because they’re usually left open all day long without any protection against outside temperatures.

3. Create artificial lighting patterns

The cutting edge trend in interior design is to create your own lighting setups that can mimic different seasons. As you can see in the above images, the right setup can make your home feel like a completely different place.

In a recent blog post, Marko Vuckovic of Capterra details how you can use artificial lights to make your home feel more comfortable and livable for each season. Here’s how he breaks down the process:

  1. Pick the time of day and time of year that makes you feel most comfortable in your house. For some people it’s in middle of winter at noon, for others it’s at high noon on a summer day. The ideal situation would be to have just one bulb setup for the whole year, but that’s not always possible.
  2. Do an audit of which bulbs in your house will give you the best light for each season and time of day. Are there certain rooms or areas that get better lighting than others? You’ll want to prioritize those areas when creating your lighting patterns.

Once you have identified the key rooms and locations, start building out which LED bulbs you need to buy to get the right lighting effects in each area.

4. Use paint to reduce the suns glare

The glare of the sun on the windows can make your living space unbearable during summer, but you don’t have to put up with it. You can use paint to reduce the suns glare To Make Your Home Livable For All Seasons.

Start by making sure that you have enough paint for your project. Measure your windows and calculate the amount of paint required to cover them. If you already have some black or dark-colored paint, you can use it because they are the best colors to absorb light. If you don’t, then pick a color that matches with the rest of your exterior walls and get enough to cover all your windows.

5. Make sure you dryer is ready for winter

During winter it is always tougher to dry the fresh batch of laundry on the line.

For that reason you must make sure that your dryer is in a perfect working condition before the first snow falls.

Check your dryer, and if it seems to you that it has a problem you should contact a Winnipeg appliance repair company to fix it right away.

Next, prepare the surfaces using a good primer before applying the paint. This will ensure that the color is absorbed better and will last longer. Don’t forget to apply 2 coats at least for best results.

You can also consider putting up some blinds or curtains on your windows so that when you need it, you can simply pull them down and minimize the amount of sunlight entering your house.

No one wants to live in a place that isn’t comfortable, and that includes the seasons. With smart planning and savvy execution, you can make your home livable for every season without too much trouble. By utilizing these four tips, you can make your home livable for all seasons without spending too much time or money. That way, the current season won’t be a burden on your enjoyment of your home. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

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