Downsizing and storage are vital parts of moving. Whenever you’re relocating to a new place, you should think of proper and precise packing of items for long-term storage. To make your moving process convenient and time-saving, it would be better to prefer nationwide moving companies, the ones associated with Moving Apt, a credible moving service broker. However, there are certain things related to the storage of goods that can only be done by you.

When packing for your storage to do the moving, follow these:

Start planning for storage packing beforehand

Be it an office or home moving, there’ll be a lot of stuff that will be needed for packing as well as discarding. Getting the storage boxes and organizing things are some of the crucial works that you’ll have to do. You’ll require ample time for this.

Therefore, it’s a wise idea to prepare storage packing at least a week before the moving day. You can avoid the last minutes of chaos and confusion by planning the packing of storage before your actual moving day.

Prioritize your goods

When it comes to packing storage for moving, you must start separating the goods and household items into useful and non-useful categories. In your old home, there will be numerous things such as appliances, clothes, and books that are not useful and are only occupying space in your home. So, it’s important to declutter the goods that you don’t need and are not useful even for your new home. By removing unused and old items, you can make a huge space in your storage.

If you’re still confused about how to do decluttering then separate all the items into these categories- Useful, donation, and discard. Whether it’s your workspace supplies or household items, or even a car for storage declutter before moving to create storage space bigger.

Determine what sort of storage you need

Once you’ve decluttered your items, your next step for storage packing should be identifying the storage. Before you put anything in your storage, make sure to find out about the dimensions of the goods. If the goods are small then a smaller storage box would be sufficient. Don’t put small items in big storage boxes as it will cost you a bit higher and might cause damage to the stored items.

Get the right storage boxes to store the goods. The right kind of storage box with precise dimensions is good to keep your supplies and goods protected during storage and transportation.

All that you need to pack your storage is high-quality corrugated boxes and big plastic containers that can keep your goods safer for longer storage. Before you pack any items in the boxes, you must check that they’re sturdy, clean, and moisture free solonvet.

For proper storage, disassemble bigger things

Bulky and bigger household goods such as beds, couches, and furniture cannot be moved as a whole. They need to be disassembled carefully before being kept in storage. When the items get disassembled, the entire process of storage becomes easier and quicker. Start disassembling the larger items weeks ago to pack the storage properly without getting confused at the end.

Prepare a list for storage

After decluttering the items depending on your requirements, it’s easy to decide what to pack for short-term and long-term storage. To avoid chaos, you must prepare a list with details of all the items and supplies that you’re moving and planning to pack into the storage dseklms.

During a stressful and hectic schedule of moving, you might forget important things to store. Therefore, make a list of storage of belongings before doing anything else as this is going to help in the moving process for quick reference.

Keep and organize the storage boxes in a planned way

When you’re done with packing the belongings, supplies, and household items, it’s time to place them in the storage boxes and units. While doing so, you’ve to be a bit calculative.

For saving space, one can go for vertical positioning of goods in the storage. Also, keep the smaller and lightweight items on top of the storage for easy handling.


When the storage packing process doesn’t happen as per the schedule, it becomes chaotic and confusing at the end. Whether you’re shifting to a new place or changing the office, everything related to storage packing should be done in a planned manner septuplets mccaughey father died. Follow these above-mentioned ways to make your storage process simpler.


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