The top five things to think about before buying a solar water heater


With the increasing cost of electricity, most people prefer natural sources of energy to perform heat-requiring tasks. Consequently, solar-dependent products are in rampant demand as they are cheap and easily accessible. As it is often the case in the third world, access to electricity is limited to the urban centers and the financially stable people. Despite the availability of electricity in urban centers, blackouts are still a common problem.

Even if someone were to deny it, solar heaters are the most commonly used compared to all other alternative products. For instance, in rural areas, it is commonly used for heating water for home use compared to wood as a source of energy. Therefore, it is highly advisable for one to possess at least one solar water heater to make work easier. Here I’ll highlight the top 5 factors to consider before choosing a solar water heater.

The heater’s volume

Volume is important because each person has their own personal heater volume that they use. For instance, a school organization may prefer to buy a 5000-liter heater. A family may choose to purchase a 10 liter heater. Note that volume depends on the space designed for the solar to occupy on a rooftop. To sum up on volume, choose a heater whose volume will satisfy a given population.

Type of water.

We have two types of water: hard water and soft water, each of which has different quantities of minerals. Looking at the 300 liter solar water heater price, it would be humiliating to purchase a solar heater without knowledge of the source of water. Hard water requires an indirect heating mechanism, while soft water requires a direct heating mechanism. Heating hard water indirectly will cause sedimentation of minerals on the heater’s heating surface and overall interfere with its functionality.

Temperature control feature.

A standard solar heater should have a thermostatic controller to maintain a given range of temperature. For example, a thermostatic controller may be set to have the threshold of the heater at 75 degrees Celsius. In conclusion, have your solar heater fixed with a thermostat to control the heating threshold to your desired temperature.


Solar machines use energy from the sun, so they are limited to sunny areas. Therefore, your solar panel should be able to obtain sufficient sunlight for at least 8 hours a day. Use direct heaters in areas that are sunny most of the day.

Alternatively, hybrid heaters may be used in areas where the sunshine is at its minimum.


A standard solar water heater should have a warranty of at least six months. However, the warranty may differ depending on the various companies. A product warranty acts to assure one that their product is durable. To summarize, always choose a solar heater with the longest period of warranty.


Water heaters ought to be wisely selected. Despite the features above, consider your needs and ego. Nobody wants to buy a product that does not meet their needs and budget.

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