Choose best natural laundry detergent for your washer: Pro Guide


Natural laundry detergent is a type of laundry cleaning agent for laundry washing machines. Detergents have a variety of functions, such as preventing the removal of dyes on clothing and fabric. When laundry detergents were first introduced, they were not as effective as today’s laundry detergents.

Kinds of Laundry Detergents

Today there are many kinds of laundry detergents available from which to choose from different stores. They also have various formulas depending on their main ingredients. One common laundry detergent ingredient used is sodium salts that not only clean clothes but also prevents dyes transferring between clothes during washing or rinsing processes.

Another common laundry detergent formula is phosphate-free ingredients with oxygen bleach agents added to prevent color loss resulting from aging, weathering and washing laundry.

Selection of best natural laundry detergent

Choosing natural laundry detergent depends on several factors. One important factor to consider is your personal preference. Detergents are available in powder, liquid or granules that are suitable for front loading machines or high-efficiency washers.

To find out which natural laundry detergent best suits your washing machine, check the back label of natural laundry detergents and compare the different types of natural laundry detergents side by side. There are natural laundry detergents available that suit both front-loading and high-efficiency washing machines.

Another factor to consider is your clothes’ color as natural laundry detergents contain natural dyes that can change clothes’ color during washing. For example, natural laundry detergents with blue color tend to make clothes look slightly gray after washing.

If you are concerned about the natural dyes in natural laundry detergents, choose natural laundry detergents that are dye-free or have clear ingredients added. These detergents are also color safe for most fabrics to prevent fabric color from becoming faded.

Definition of Best Natural Laundry Detergent Used in Washer

When natural laundry detergents are used in washing machines, natural ingredients are released to clean clothes that are free of synthetic materials. Laundry detergents also contain natural enzymes that prevent bacterial growth for fresh-smelling clothes.

After natural ingredients in natural laundry detergents have done their job, residue is left in washing machines. Residue can be wiped out with natural cleansing materials, such as natural bristle brush or natural cloth.

However, these detergents do not only appear as soap but also come in liquid form or powder form with natural dyes added.

Some natural ingredients added to natural laundry detergents are walnut shells, lemon peels and natural oils. Detergent in powdered form also contains natural enzymes and natural cleansing agents.

Natural laundry detergents are a type of ecological cleaning agent that can be used when washing clothes with natural ingredients added to prevent color loss from fabric.

Excess of laundry detergents in washer

You may have reached into your dryer and found a pile of stiff, starchy garments. You could be using too much laundry detergent!

The key to getting your clothes clean is not only in the detergent, but also how much of it you use. Always use a little amount as it goes a long way.

Right amount of natural laundry detergent to use in washer

To effectively clean your clothes, you need to use only 2 tablespoons of detergent per load—and that’s for big loads weighing 12 pounds or more. The amount varies greatly among brands but keep in mind the back of the bottle might recommend using more than what is actually on hand so it’s important to measure accordingly before adding any extra ingredients like bleach.

“If you aren’t sure whether or not your clothes are getting Clean, there’s a simple test to do. Run the washer without any detergent and see if suds appear – if they do, this means it’s too much!

How to Remove Natural Detergent Buildup

To restore your favorite garment to its full glory, you need to only remove the buildup of detergent burrowed into the fabric. To do this successfully requires a mixture made up primarily from vinegar and water – 1 cup for each type (1 quart) or less if it’s too thick; add more until desired effect is achieved! If there are any visible stains on dirty clothing which have been soak-cleaned in them already beforehand then rub those areas against themselves slightly harder than usual while wetting down both sides thoroughly under hot running water.

Best Laundry Lessons

Here are the best laundry lessons while using natural laundry detergent in your washer:

Get Sorted

Start by separating lights and darks, paying particular attention to notoriously runny red items. Keep linty items like towels and sweatpants away from smooth fabrics that pill, like sheets. Wash jeans inside out to minimize fading.

Pretreat Stains

The sooner you tackle the stain, the better. Pretreat eco friendly laundry products, such as Shout and Resolve, can help. Most liquid detergents can also be applied directly to stains. Or pre-soak clothes in the washer with detergent. If you use a powder detergent, try mixing it with a little water to form a paste, then apply to stains.

Load Properly

An overstuffed washer won’t get clothes clean. Check manufacturer recommendations for your model. For best results with a top-loader, start filling the tub with water, add detergent, then clothes.

Measure, Don’t Pour

Using too much natural laundry detergent is a waste of money as it can also leave residue on clothes and extend the wash cycle. Many detergent caps have confusing fill lines. Read packaging for the proper amount and use a permanent marker or tape to highlight the fill lines you use most often.

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