The first-ever Copa América


The ​​1916 South American Championship, also known as the first Copa América, is recognized by many as the first major international football competition. It was celebrated in Argentina in July of that year. Among any sport betting sites 1xBet is truly the best for many reasons. One of them is the fact that it offers the chance to wager on all the Copa América editions.

As it happened during most of these early football competitions, there was no qualifier, and the format of the tournament was quite simple. Four teams took part in it:

  • Brazil;
  • Uruguay;
  • Argentina;
  • Chile.

All teams faced each other once, and the squad that ended first was the champion. At any time when a Copa América is being played, visit the sport betting sites 1xBet, which offer live updates and also great wagering opportunities.

A non-football reason to celebrate the tournament

The main reason to organize the competition was not something related to football or sports as a whole. Instead, the Argentinians wanted to organize an international football competition that could be part of their celebrations for the hundred years of independence of the country. Argentina can offer some of the best players and most exciting matches, and now you can follow them live by visiting the website.

However, this cup that initially started as something to remember a historical occurrence would become one of the most traditional football tournaments in the entire world. However, when it came exclusively to football matters, the Argentinians wouldn’t have a lot to celebrate in the tournament. The Copa América is a highly entertaining tournament, and in 1xBet it is possible to find many betting opportunities with great odds.

A turbulent final

Prior to the final match of the competition, only Uruguay and Argentina had chances of winning the tournament. You can 1xBet Pakistan download application on your Android or iOS phone now, and start betting on Uruguay, Argentina and many other squads.

Argentina needed to win the match to claim the title, while the draw was enough for the Uruguayans to win the cup themselves. The final match was quite a turbulent one. Originally, it was played on the 16th of July. However, there were incidents which forced the suspension of the match when only five minutes had been played.

It was completed on the next day in a different stadium. The match ended 0-0 and Uruguay claimed the first Copa América title ever. Curiously, the referee of that match was Carlos Fanta, who also happened to be the coach of the Chilean squad. You can download the 1xBet Pakistan application for absolutely free, and start wagering on the Copa América and many other football tournaments.

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