The Biggest Casino Winnings of All Time


Some of the biggest casino winnings of all time have come from individuals who won big on the casino floor. These people include Johanna Heundl and Archie Karas. But what’s more impressive is how they managed to win so much money, despite being relatively new to the game. These individuals were able to win huge amounts of money after just one visit to a casino.

Don Johnson

Whether you’re a gambler or not, it’s hard to argue that Don Johnson has the biggest casino winnings of any casino player. He’s made over $15 million from playing blackjack at casino’s all over the world. He also made a lot of money by using computer simulations to win horse races.

His winning streak lasted for six months, and he reportedly won $800,000 in that time. However, when the casinos discovered that he wasn’t counting cards, they banned him from their casinos worldwide. It’s unknown what triggered his run, but the result was still spectacular.

Don Johnson began playing blackjack 10 years before his famous streak, and he won over $15 million over three months. His winning streak took place after the global financial crisis and Great Recession in the USA. The casino owners were shocked, but Don Johnson didn’t lose his cool. He was not a card counter or a professional gambler; he simply played very well.

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer Sherwin’s biggest new casino win was $4.6 million, won during a single visit to the Mirage. He had already won money in the Megabucks lottery and was happy to stay in Las Vegas and play in casinos. His winnings came from playing at the Mirage, which was one of the first casinos to open in Las Vegas. He spent some of his winnings on travel.

Elmer Sherwin was a lifelong gambler. He began visiting casinos when he reached legal age, playing for fun and winning small amounts. After his retirement, he travelled with his wife, stopping at Las Vegas to visit relatives. While there, he hit the jackpot, winning $21.1 million on the Megabucks progressive jackpot!

Johanna Heundl

Johanna Heundl won $22.6 million in Las Vegas in May 2002. She was visiting the casino to have breakfast, and decided to play on a Megabucks machine. In less than five minutes, she won back the money she had just spent. Johanna, an Austrian, now plans to spend the money visiting family in Europe.

Johanna Heundl did not know that she was winning so much money. She initially thought she was only winning $2 million, but when she learned she was a multimillionaire, she was thrilled. It’s hard to imagine what she would have done without such a huge win!

Another big winner was a soldier from the UK, who won $21.3 million in 1999 while playing the Megabucks slot machine in Caesars Palace. The anonymous player had only wagered ten dollars on the game. His winnings were the biggest ever recorded at the casino.

Archie Karas

In order to find out how Archie Karas became so wealthy, it is necessary to learn about his life. Born in Greece, Archie was exposed to gambling as a young boy. His family had to resort to gambling to help them survive. He gambled for money and for fun. Luckily, his skills paid off, and he now has a large fortune!

After working at a restaurant, Archie Karas learned how to play poker at a nearby pool hall. He spent hours at the pool hall, hustling games and earning more money than he would have if he’d been working at the restaurant. As his success grew, he went to Vegas in order to play poker and make even more money. However, he refused to disclose the identity of his business partner. He referred to him as “Mr. X.” The two played pool and poker for a long time. Over time, Archie Karas’s skills increased to the point where he was winning over $1.2 million.

Mike Ashley

It is not very common to see billionaires winning large amounts of money at the casino, but sometimes people win big money in the casino. A man like Mike Ashley, owner of the Newcastle United football club, has recently become the biggest winner ever at a casino. Ashley staked $135,000 on a single red roulette spin and walked away with more than $270k. This is not a huge amount, but it’s still impressive.


Mike Ashley is a billionaire businessman who has built multiple businesses and turned them around. He is the founder of Sports Direct and the Fraser Group, as well as the owner of Newcastle United football club. In fact, he was once listed as the 61st richest person in the world, and his net worth has since climbed to almost five billion. Mike Ashley has been known to spend a lot of money and is known to have a great time. In fact, he once gambled PS480,000 on the number 17 and walked out of the casino with around PS820,000.

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