The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring


Engineered wood flooring has become a popular option for homeowners to choose from when selecting their new flooring. It can provide many benefits that other types of flooring cannot offer. For example, engineered wood floors are much more durable and hard-wearing than traditional hardwood floors, making them ideal for families with children and pets.

There is also less risk of splinters or scratches from furniture legs because the planks are so thin. Engineered wood floors also come in many different styles and colours to match any home decor perfectly. The following blog post will go in-depth about the benefits of engineered wood flooring so you can decide if they are right for your home.

Let’s take a look at these benefits.

1. Long lifespan

The engineered wood flooring is expected to last up to three times longer than solid hardwoods. With proper installation and maintenance, engineered wood floors can outlive their owners.​

2. Easy installation

One of the main benefits of having engineered wood is its ease of installing it yourself without hiring a contractor. It usually comes with self-aligning hardware that makes installing your new floors much easier! You don’t need any tools either; place them on top of each other and screw them together tightly with a drill.

The best part about this kind of DIY project is that if something goes wrong during installation, you have nothing to worry about because most stores offer services when installed by professionals, so you can fix it as long as you have a receipt.

3. Long-lasting warranty

Another benefit of engineered wood is the great warranties offered with this type of flooring. Most stores offer easy-to-understand and detailed information regarding their products, including available warranties that will help protect your investment for years. Also, because most retailers sell brand-name woods such as Bruce or Shaw, those companies usually guarantee them, so repairs and replacements are much easier if necessary.

If you’re still unsure which company to choose from, ask friends who recently installed new floors in their homes what kind of product they chose; where did they buy it from? This way, you’ll save time researching since people prefer different brands depending on personal preference.

4. Wide Choice

There is an almost endless variety of engineered wood flooring, and the choices can be very difficult. Prices vary greatly among engineered hardwood floors depending on quality and design. In general, lower-quality floors are priced the lowest. Various shades come in the engineered wooden floors.

5. Affordable Price

Engineered wood floors are less costly than solid hardwood but not as affordable as laminate. They can be a great choice for a remodelling project because engineered flooring comes in various styles and colours that fit into any design vision or budget.

The Bottom Line

Engineered wood flooring is a great choice for those who want the beauty of hardwood but can’t withstand its downside. It’s easy to clean and maintain, plus it looks as good as natural wood without costly installation or repairs needed.

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