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When you come to Thailand, this beautiful exotic country, you see people selling different amulets and talismans almost everywhere. It gives you an impression that people buy them here on a daily basis. In Thailand almost all locals wear a few magic items, while certain individuals wear so many of them that they look like a Christmas tree. Upon seeing it, you can’t help thinking if you need a few of such artifacts or at least one too, since everyone around buys them. Moreover, you’ll probably meet some magic expert at the hotel you’re staying at or on the bus who’ll tell you about the amazing properties of Thai amulets for love, and that you can’t be happy in love and have a happy marriage unless you have a few Thai talismans. Eventually you, tempted to have all your love life problems solved fast and easily, buy a talisman and wait for a miracle. But the miracle doesn’t come. In this article we’ll explain why. We know the truth about Thai talismans and how and where to buy truly effective and powerful ones. At the same time, we don’t want to keep you from buying amulets and talismans at local markets – they’re great souvenirs to remember your trip to Thailand.​

Such cheap replicas can be found at the majority of online stores. You would be a fool to think that these things can help you change your life.  Вы можете найти настоящие магические амулеты на сайте спеллкастер Максима

The Thai amulet for love

Thailand is one of the countries making money from tourism. They take advantage of people’s love for exotic things coupled with cultural ignorance. They know little about magic and are happy to buy whatever they’re offered. One of the best-selling items in Thailand is a Thai amulet for love, which is in reality just a waste of money.

To be able to help people, powerful magiс amulets and talismans, regardless of their magical origin, have to be produced by going through several stages:

  • Material selection;
  • Long-term storage (to remove alien energy);
  • Magic program development;
  • Ingredient preparation;
  • Manufacture date selection;
  • Manufacture;
  • Magical charging;
  • Magic verification.

Each stage is very important. For example, powerful Thai love amulets can only be made of an alloy of three metals and charged on one of the four days a year which are suitable for charging. If the latter rule isn’t followed and a random date is selected, the amulet won’t have any magical properties. You’ll end up having a useless souvenir which is still a nice reminder of your Thailand adventure.

The majority of local talisman producers aren’t magic practitioners. They just produce items which look like magic artifacts. You can wear dozens of them around your neck and wrists but they will have absolutely no effect on your energy or that of the people around you. At the same time, you can find amulets in Thailand which are very effective.​

The Thai love amulet

According to a popular Thai legend, the Thai love amulet can work wonders, and it’s not untrue. The problem is such magic accessories can’t be purchased at a hotel’s gift shop or at a local market. To get this amulet, you need to travel far inland. You need to visit one of the monasteries and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a monk in there specializing in powerful talisman and amulet manufacture.

But even if you find a monk, you should remember that your persistence, ability to convince people to give you what you want, or your money don’t mean anything. You can’t make a monk produce an amulet for you. He’ll do it only if he feels an internal desire to help you. They’re able to feel it only towards someone who’s been improving and purifying oneself, developing those qualities which are considered the most important for humankind, according to Buddhists.

If the monk sees any blackness in you, or the fact that you’re hot-tempered or don’t appreciate love, he’ll refuse making a Thai amulet for love charm for you. Fortunately, he’ll also give you some advice as to what you should change in yourself and what qualities to focus on to become a better person. He’ll tell you what should be suppressed or removed from your subtle bodies. He’ll also add that when you do everything he told you, you may come back to him and he’ll produce an amulet for you.

Such advice is highly valuable so try to follow it rather than look for easier ways to get what you want. There are lots of frauds living in the villages around monasteries who claim to be magic practitioners and promise people to make powerful amulets for them. If they refused to make an amulet for you at the monastery, don’t go to those frauds. They’ll sell you a souvenir too, but at a much higher price.​

The most powerful Thai love amulet

The best Thai amulet for love never works without your help. Unlike European magic amulets, for example, it needs your energy. Besides, this energy should be of specific quality. Your subtle bodies and/or chakras are impacted by traditional European magic amulets which ensure you generate the right energy to make your dreams come true. Unfortunately, Thai amulets can’t do that. So it’s your job to ensure you generate the right energy, which makes it more difficult to work with these amulets.

It’s quite difficult for modern people to do it on their own. Statistically, more than 70% of people who come to Thai monks get rejected. According to this religious doctrine, the present and future of any person is in their hands. Everything that happens to people results from their thoughts, beliefs and actions. In other words, Buddhist monks believe people don’t need magic amulets and talismans because they can get everything they want simply by making some changes in their life and becoming a better person.

That’s why it’s better for European people to use traditional European magic amulets and talismans. Unlike Thai amulets, they help you make the required personality changes and get Higher Powers to help you. They also prevent you from making mistakes. At the same time, even the most powerful Thai love amulet barely has any protective properties. For example, even if it helps you get a boyfriend or get married, it won’t be able to protect your relationship or family from hexes, curses or fading feelings, all of which can be done by its European magic analogues.

It doesn’t mean Thai amulets are bad. We wrote this article not to make you think poorly of them. We just know that they aren’t good for everyone and that not all Thai amulets have esoteric powers.

In conclusion, we’d like to remind you that those souvenirs you can find at local markets in Thailand and almost all amulets you can find online are not authentic magic products. They’re produced not by magic practitioners but at small factories manufacturing accessories, key chains, and other items which have nothing to do with real magic. So don’t let them fool you.

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