Simple Author Box Review: A plugin for fast and effortless crediting of content creators


Reading and writing articles can often feel like an impersonal ordeal. That’s why using author boxes can increase user engagements on your articles, as they provide a very simple way of introducing your readers to the authors of the articles.

Making author boxes used to be quite a task, but with Simple Author Box, you’ll be able to create them quickly and efficiently so that you may focus your efforts on other tasks.

What is Simple Author Box?

Simple Author Box offers a variety of features you would need if you were to start using author boxes. Apart from just creating them, through easy integration with WordPress, you’ll be able to add guest authors, control your links, and even have multiple authors in a single box. This can be especially useful if you’re managing a larger news or blog site.

Assigning posts to multiple/guest authors can not only help in the user engagement but also in increasing your credibility, as, after all, no credible news site wants to use anonymous ghostwriters.

Using author boxes becomes increasingly important with how in-depth your website is, especially if your website deals in things that require expert opinions and skills, such as tech support blogs or academic political opinion pieces.

In those types of articles, readers gain an incredible amount of trust if they know who wrote the article and what their credentials are. And if you have writers that authored a large number of articles on your site, Simple Author Box provides you with special link control and post type support.

With them, you’ll be able to interlink various articles and control how the links open in the reader’s browsers. And if you have some articles, you’d rather avoid having the author box on, with Simple Author Box, you can pick and choose what type of article shows an author box.

If your authors are especially active on social media, you can even link their profiles in the author boxes to further promote the reading of your content creators’ materials.

Customizing Simple Author Box is a true delight, too; as with it, you’ll be able to create author boxes with all the intricate details you desire, from specialized color schemes to typography.

Simple Author Box also offers multiple widgets with which you can promote popular authors on your website.


Having author boxes on your website is incredibly important, especially in today’s day and age where almost anyone can write online content. Having that extra burst of trustworthiness on your website can elevate it to another level, especially if you want to utilize guest posting, where author boxes then serve for further promotion of your guest authors’ writing. You can visit this site to know about WeInvoice

Not only are you creating extra traffic for your guest authors but also for yourself, as guest posts and author boxes have been proven to increase website SEO.

Creating author boxes with Simple Author Box is extremely easy, so by not doing so, you can be missing out on quality user engagement.

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