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Mens fashion has undergone a major transformation in the past century. Gone are the days when a man couldn’t wear a tie, a tank top, or a sport coat. Today, men are free to wear anything they want as long as it is unapologetically themselves.

During the 1950s, men’s fashion was dominated by the Ivy League look, and the idea of fitting in was the main objective. Men’s fashion had become uniform. Men’s suits lost their shoulder pads, ties became slimmer, and hats and caps were narrower. But despite all the changes, trousers remained unchanged. This decade was also a time of changing lifestyles, with travel and sports increasing. In this period, the superman silhouette was adopted. Short shorts and polo shirts became staples, and sunglasses became a fashion accessory.

The early 2000s were marked by the rise of fast fashion, with globalization and outsourcing allowing brands to copy runway looks at low prices. This allowed many people to purchase high-end clothing without breaking the bank. It also provided people with more disposable income to invest in designer accessories. In addition, mens fashion went through a “futuristic” wave, which featured leather outfits, puffy jackets, tracksuits, and Rockport boots. With the advent of World War II, the American men ceased to be the head of the household and were relegated to the role of husband and father. With this change, military wear was also made an everyday fashion item.

Men’s clothing evolved from its Victorian era. The Victorians’ fashion style was formal and propriety, with frock coats and tophats, while the men’s style gradually changed from frock coats to pants. Buttons and jackets were shorter and had detachable collars.

Men’s fashion for 2022 will be more comfortable and versatile. Men will be able to wear two-piece suits for work and play, which allow them to wear one piece for multiple purposes. Comfort is the main priority for men’s fashion in 2022, with chinos, polo shirts, and shirts replacing button-downs and ultra-tight suits. Also, lightweight sports shoes will keep feet happy while still looking stylish.

In the 1980s, men’s fashion became more casual. Men began wearing three-piece suits, which were popular in a wide variety of colors. This style became increasingly sophisticated, and men began to wear shirts with wide lapels. Shirt collars also became longer and more pointed. Disco funk was also popular during the 1980s. Men’s fashion during this decade continued to become more subdued.

In the 1960s, the youth had begun a rebellion against the establishment and their clothes reflected that. The clothing industry began to expand to meet the demand for more variety and less formality. It was the beginning of what has become known as “the anything goes” era.

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