Robert Kraft Announces $250,000 Donation to Organization Dedicated to Black Leadership


Robert Kraft, the long-time owner of the New England Patriots professional football team, announced on December 7, 2021, that he had recently donated $250,000 to the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. He made the donation on behalf of the Kraft Family Foundation.

The Institute for Nonprofit Practice (INP) in Boston works to make social structures more connected, diverse, effective, and equitable. The organization intends to use the donation from Kraft to help launch its Black Leadership Institute (BLI) in late 2022.

How the INP Will Use Robert Kraft’s Donation

The primary goal of the new program launched by INP is to address the systemic challenges and leadership gaps that Americans of color face as they work to advance their careers. BLI intends to provide transformative programs that inspire black leaders as they take advantage of new opportunities. Most of all, the new nonprofit hopes to uplift African-American leaders from across the United States.

Joshua Kraft, son of Robert Kraft and current president of Kraft Family Philanthropies, stated at the time of his father’s announcement that his family feels thrilled to partner with INP. The younger Kraft went on to explain that the Kraft Family Philanthropies has a long history of investing in organizations that support social justice causes.

With the launch of BLI, the donation made by Robert Kraft will support equity efforts at societal and individual levels. The entire Kraft family feels confident that BLI will provide Black leaders who have historically faced discrimination and marginalization with the resources they need to make a significant impact on the communities where they work and volunteer.

History Between the Institute for Nonprofit Practice and the Kraft Family Philanthropies

The charitable arm of the Kraft Family Foundation began working with INP in March 2020. The two organizations came together when the New England Patriots Foundation (NEPF) made a $100,000 donation to support INP expanding into Rhode Island. Leadership for the INP discussed the organization’s desire to train and recruit more people of color for leadership positions. The NEPF and Kraft Family Philanthropies also support this cause.

In December 2021, the NEFP hosted the Racial Equity Leadership Summit that took place at Gillette Stadium. More than 250 nonprofit leaders from Rhode Island and Massachusetts attended the event. The leaders represented a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds. The highlight of the summit was a panel discussion that featured Joshua Kraft, Cedric Jones, and Andre Tippett. Jones previously played as a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, while Tippett is a former Patriots player currently listed in the Football Hall of Fame.

About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is the founder of The Kraft Group and currently serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO. He is also the owner of the New England Patriots of the National Football League, having acquired the team in January 1994.

Community is important to Robert Kraft, and he has spent considerable time and money helping to improve lives. In addition to racial justice causes, Kraft supports charitable organizations serving women and children, education, healthcare, youth sports, and Israel.

Robert Kraft currently serves as Trustee Emeritus at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Columbia University. Additionally, Kraft is a Trustee for Apollo College, Boston College, and Carnegie Hall. His support of these institutes represents only a small portion of Robert Kraft’s charitable endeavors.

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