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We spend a large chunk of our time on our smartphones today. From the tiniest task to the biggest one, we need the help of our devices. Babies watch cartoons while they are being fed, children use them for online schooling, adults use them for dating, banking and working, while old people use them to stay in touch with their loved ones. Every day we snap hundreds of pictures, record many videos, download files, play games and visit so many websites, so obviously our smartphones are being overworked and overtaxed. Just like any other machine they require maintenance and tender loving care, otherwise they will start to falter and breakdown, causing much heartache and despair to their owners. That is why we need an amazing app like Cool Cleaner on our Androids.

What is Cool Cleaner?

Many apps have been created to take good care of our smartphones, and ensure that they are able to be with us in great working condition for many years to come, because today smartphones are increasingly expensive, and are an investment that has become quite valuable to us not only because of their monetary value, but also because of the valuable information that we store inside them. Cool Cleaner is one of these special apps designed to ensure the smooth functioning of our devices. It comes with a very smooth and          clean interface, in a simple purplish blue and white background. At the top of the homepage there are two circles that visually display the percentages of internal storage used and the RAM that has been consumed. Under these you have the features and services listed neatly and compactly.

Features of Cool Cleaner

Junk Cleaner: Scan and removes all junk files including Cache junk, Common junk and residual files.

Phone Booster: scans the Device RAM, and shuts down all the unnecessary processes running in the background which eat up the RAM, and slow down the apps that you need to run.

Battery Saver: Scans your device and identifies all the apps that consume too much energy and then allows you to force stop them.

CPU Cooler: Scans the CPU and displays the current temperature of the CPU, and allows you to maintain the optimum temperature.

Anti-Virus: scans all the files on your device and detects any virus or other types of malwares that may lurk and corrupt your data and information.

Notification Cleaner: Puts all the useless notifications in one bar, so that the important notifications will not be missed amongst the other garbage.

Deep Cleaner: carries out a deep clean of your device to find any useless files buried deep in your device.

AppLocker: provides an additional layer of protection to vulnerable apps that are fund to be in danger of leaking out private information.

App Manager: allows you to manage all your apps from one control center.

Download via AC Market

The best route to download Cool Cleaner is through one and only nice and free AC Market Apk, AC Market PC or via AC Market Windows.  This cool App Store offers many games and apps freely for you including Cool Cleaner.

Also, you can find some other apps like Phone Master, CCleaner, Clean Master Apk, etc. which performs similar manner like Cool Cleaner. Choose the best optimizer for your Android or PC now and enhance the performances in a magical way.

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