When you think of getting casement windows installed, you may feel overwhelmed with many other options to consider. As windows are a major home renovation investment, you are suggested to believe in your decision. Your window can help you in mysterious ways, like saving a big amount of money on your energy bills, increasing your home’s resale value, and boosting its curb appeal.

A major option is casement windows, which have gained great popularity in Edmonton. Casement window installation helps the homeowners get maximum sunlight and air. In addition, you have many other features that make it a major option for replacing windows. Here is a guide to help you know if casement windows are an ideal choice for your home. Always keep your budget and home style in mind when picking casement replacement windows for renovation projects. Check out the reasons why casement window installation in Edmonton is an excellent option:

Advantages of casement windows

Perfect ventilation

Casement windows open using a sash and usually open outside to get the highest air ventilation. It is a great option for those who need a good amount of fresh air in their home.


Safety is a major consideration when selecting a window style for your Edmonton home. A major feature of casement windows is their special logging hardware because they are fixed permanently in the window frame. So, it is almost impossible for any intrusion. These safety features make it a safer option for your house.

Easy operation

Speaking of other window types, double-hung windows open from one half, sliding windows slide only halfway, and casement windows open fully. It proves to be an amazing option for those who want a comprehensive view of the outside.

Energy efficient

Another major reason why Edmonton residents use casement windows for their homes is that they are highly energy-efficient and impact your energy bills and carbon footprint to a great extent. They are tight and offer a perfect fit. This makes them 100% leakproof and helps keep the air and condensation from coming inside, thus lowering your utility bills expenses.


Casement windows are highly recommended for areas in your home like the basement, bathroom, kitchen (above the sink), and attic. They can easily be opened and are a great light source. They are available in amazing styles and materials and can be personalized as per your individual preferences and needs. They also help you enhance the curb appeal of your home. If you position them appropriately, they will bring you all the benefits mentioned above. They will add sunlight, air, and a good view to your space.

So, if you are planning to go for casement windows installation for your Edmonton home, you can speak to the professionals at Window Mart. The experts will help determine if casement windows are a good option for your home. Seek their expert advice and get a free consultation. Book an appointment now and get professional help with your windows.


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