Range of Tyres Offered by Maxxis Tyres


Although there are numerous tyre brands in the market to get your vehicle’s tyres replaced at your budget and convenience, all brands do not meet the safety and quality standards that you need to make your ride safe and comfortable. To clear the cloud regarding types of tyres and get clarity on which tyre brand is perfect for your vehicle, this blog will give you a run down to the range of tyres offered by Australian leading tyre brand Maxxis.

Range of Tyres Offered by Maxxis Tyres

Following is a range of tyres manufactured by Maxxis.

Car Tyres

Being a leader in manufacturing car tyres, Maxxis offers ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres, providing excellent handling and cornering ability. Built with cutting-edge technology, Maxxis tyres are best in traction in all terrain and weather conditions.

4WD & SUV Tyres

If you are an adventure enthusiast Maxxis is the one-stop destination for you. The brand uses premium quality compound to produce state-of-art tyres which have robust braking, superb handling, high mileage, outstanding performance, and unbeatable traction.

Light Truck and Van Tyres

Maxxis is a well-known name in Australia and beyond for producing the best quality tyres, especially for commercial vehicles such as caravans, light trucks & vans. These tyres are designed for perfect on-road and off-road stability and durability no matter what the road and weather conditions are.

Truck and Bus Tyres

No matter how the harsh terrain and weather conditions are, truck and bus (TBR) tyres offered by Maxxis are unbeatable thanks to its cutting-edge technology engineered by a team of experts to give the right blend of safety, comfort, and performance. Trucking in rugged conditions has been made an adventurous experience by the brand.

Construction Tyres

For those involved in the construction business, no tyre could give better performance than that of Maxxis. Build with a specially formulated rubber compound and self-cleaning tread design, the M7515 produces additional traction in soft terrain and prevents the vehicle from chipping, cracking, and abrasions while handling heavy workloads.

Forklift Tyres

Having experience producing a wide range of tyres for decades, Maxxis has also excelled in manufacturing world-class forklift tyres. Maxxis M8802 Tuff Guard is one of the best forklift tyres which comes with a robust casing, breaker ply, and double sidewall to improve puncture resistance, and traction and make the tyres last longer.

Lawn & Garden Tyres

Although the traditional tyre manufacturers do not produce tyres with specific features for lawn and garden vehicles, Maxxis is the brand that utilized its years of experience and expertise to produce types such as C165, M9216, and M9227 which are among the best lawn and garden tyres offered by the brand.

ATV & Motorcross Tyres

If you are a trail rider and love to venture out in the desert, mud, or rock, Maxxis has a lot to offer you. Powered with advanced Radial construction, and extra shoulder lugs, the ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side and Motocross tyres of the brand are second to none when it comes to performance in the roughest terrain. Liberty ML3, Bighorn 2.0, Carnivore, and Coronado MU9C are among the best of Maxxis.

Final Words

Next time you need a tyre replacement don’t forget to try Maxxis which has a lot to offer for a broad range of vehicles be it car, truck, van, bur, or motocross. The Australian brand uses the best quality material and technology to give you an unparalleled driving experience across the toughest terrains. 

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