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Before you go to the next PsyTrance music festival, it’s important to understand what this genre is all about. This article will discuss psychedelic trance music and the effects this genre has on society. COVID-19 is also discussed. The following festival reviews include their history, COVID-19-approved artists, and overall quality. Read on to learn more. Listed below are the top PsyTrance music festivals.

Psychedelic trance

The latter two are in the Himalayan foothills of Tibet, 64 km from PsyTrance. Europe’s premier Psy festival is the Kundalini Shakti Festival. Designed to arouse the kundalini energy, this event draws Nirvana seekers from all over the world.

The German festival, which started in 1996, is now a four-day affair. The event features trance music, circus performers, and fire performers, among other aspects of the psychedelic experience. In addition to the music, this festival also features visuals, decor, and DJs from various genres. Unlike many other PsyTrane Festivals offers unique experiences that are sure to leave your mind tingling for days.

Despite its diverse musical selection, the Himalayan Psychedelic Trance Festival has something for everyone. Aside from psychedelic artists in all subgenres, the event focuses on connection to nature and promotes a healthy, drug-free environment. There is no better place to experience the euphoria of feelings than a mountaintop festival.

PsyTrance music festivals

PsyTrance is a genre of electronic music that is gaining more popularity. A few psytrance music festivals are held around the world. You can choose to attend one of these events in your hometown or plan a trip to another country. If you want to experience PsyTrance music in its true sense, it is important to know more about its history. If you’re interested in attending a festival, read this article to find out where to find it.

The North American PsyTrance Festival Guide has been updated for the year 2022. The pandemic that hit the world has caused the cancellation or postponement of many events. Despite the challenges, the community has rallied and created a year-long calendar of open air day events. In fact, many of the organizations that once held PsyTrance festivals have taken a break, but others are emerging to fill in the gap.

Their impact on society

Compared to mainstream commercial events, PsyTrance music festivals are not dominated by corporate interests, but rather by conscious alternatives. A festival’s atmosphere emits a high level of positive energy, and strangers quickly become friends. Distrust melts away as people connect. In South Africa, where crime and poverty rates are high, weekend escapes to PsyTrance music festivals are a welcomed break from the daily grind. Those who attend the events often leave feeling inspired, and even more positive about life.

Although PsyTrance has its roots in the psychedelic counterculture, the genre has become a global phenomenon. While sharing musical production technologies with other electronic music scenes, PsyTrance has also embraced the communication and social capacity of the Internet. The genre has grown to include distinct aesthetics and visual aesthetics. Festivals devoted to PsyTrance include those celebrating celestial events or seasonal transitions.

Their impact on COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken a toll on the entire world, sweeping out the festival calendar, and forcing many to postpone or cancel their events. However, the PsyTrance community has rallied around the scene and regular live streams and broadcasts have become the norm, connecting PsyTrance fans from all over the world. We chatted with PsyTrance about the festival.

The Pandemic has affected PsyTrance music festivals worldwide, including Boom Festival. The biggest PsyTrance festival in the world, Boom Festival, took a hiatus and has since been moved to 2022. It is estimated that the festival attracts 50,000 people from 150 countries. The recent reschedule of the Boom Festival has given the organizers the chance to continue with the festival, which is now scheduled for July 2022.

Organizers at the PsyTrance festival in France have taken steps to combat COVID-19. They made it compulsory for concert-goers to wear masks at all times and instituted sanitation stations. The event also downsized the size of the crowds to reduce the risk of the virus spreading to the public. Despite the precautions, the festival’s organizers were still faced with the potential liability of throwing a super-spreader party.

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