In life there are options available that would benefit in person. It is left to each of us to make the decision whether to choose these options or not. Here we are going to focus on one aspect which if chosen would bring untold benefits and advantage to our lives irrespective of anything else. This applies to all the people all over the world. This very important subject is FITNESS known to us.

Indulgence in keeping fit will boost that all important healthy living. Been fit will make everyone good physically and mentally. Physical and mental well-being are the main ingredients that will supplement all of us to carry out our daily activities energetically. Fitness is indeed a human battery charger that will keep us energised. With due thought and attention paid to this most important area of fitness, a fantastic, well designed super App with many handy, easy on features, to be installed in a smartphone or any other computer based accessory device used in person is out there for grabs. And that is the NEOU fitness App. Here’s what’s on offer by this super App.

Features of NEOU App

With wide streaming access to many popular professional fitness sessions of your preferred choice be it yoga, toning, dance, barre etc. Participate in the convenience of your home with many instructors guiding you to a prof work out to bring out comprehensive fitness. With access to over 100 instructors, one need not get bogged down due to timing. Choose to be in a session that is convenient to meet your timing. NEOU with the best of attention paid to its customers offers a free trial for everyone new joining in. All its features of NEOU will set goals for the members and assist in programming the fitness sessions to meet these goals. Like ‘Get Strong’ or ‘Project weight loss’ programs.

Will give all that inspiration and visible results and motivate all to go along positively to achieve the set goal results. With all the excitement and prof guidance will make all involved forget the weariness of the fitness sessions but will feel extremely satisfied and be inpatient for the next session to start.

NEOU App filters offers thousands of more choices like work outs by difficulty, with fitness equipment to shape up specific parts of the body like arms to keep away sagging, to keep the thighs in shape, to make stomachs muscles firmer etc. With NEOU, fitness is offered professionally and in a healthy manner within easy reach for all, enabling to keep fit at one’s convenience.

NEOU will team up to keep the doctor away and to live healthy. Don’t be surprised with many asking the same question from you that’s, ‘What’s keeping you so fit and looking this good?’

Install NEOU on TV boxes and TV sticks

You always look on default app store for TV apps and games. Sometimes apps you are looking for will not available on those stores. In that case, you can use third part app stores like AppLinked apk, FileSynced, ApkTime or UnLinked. Those app stores support all Android TV boxes, Google TV and Fire TV devices.

There are many types of TV app stores that you can use to install NEOU on your Android TV. If you are using AppLinked or FileSynced App, you have to find AppLinked code or FileSynced code for NEOU. Using codes to install TV apps make it easier to type and install app you want quickly that typing long hard to remember download URLs.


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