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Nat Geo People is a former pay-TV channel owned by National Geographic Partners. Disney and National Geographic Society partnered to create Nat Geo People. The channel was sold in many countries. It was launched in 1994 and lasted until 2012. Since then, the station has been discontinued and replaced with its successor, NatGeo HD. However, the original version remains available on the Internet. For those who want to watch it, make sure to check out the website.

In 2014, the channel will be launched in 50 countries, including India. In addition, it will be available on a range of cable television platforms. In India, Nat Geo People HD is available on Tata Sky and Digiana. In addition, it will also be launched on various DTH networks and Kerala Vision Digital TV. It is also broadcast in HD. It is also available on various digital television channels and DTH services. This channel features shows in English, Hindi, and other languages.

The new format will be non-linear and will feature a female point of view. It will also be available in HD where available in other territories. It will continue to offer the same great factual entertainment and will focus on the cultures and people of the world. The channel will also carry documentaries and lifestyle shows. And, because it is a lifestyle channel, it will be popular in other areas of the world. When you watch Nat Geo People HD, you will enjoy a whole new experience.

The new channel will replace Nat Geo Adventure in some markets. The channel will be available in both linear and non-linear formats in Europe, Asia, and Asia-Pacific. It will also be available in Telugu and Hindi. With its non-linear format, Nat Geo People HD will be able to reach 122 major languages in the country. It will be the first regional language infotainment channel in India.

This subscription TV channel focuses on people and culture. It is currently available in Italy, Canada, Romania, and Romania. Currently, the channel is available in more than 50 countries. There is also an English version of Nat Geo People. The channel has several international territories. It is available in Romania, Estonia, and Turkey. The content is aimed at female audiences, with special sections on nature and wildlife. It is the most popular television show in the world and the most watched in countries.

The channel is also available in Europe. In Europe, it was available on Sky Italia on October 1, 2010. In Italy, it is now available on Sky Italia on 1 November 1999. If you want to watch Nat Geo People HD, the channel offers an HD feed. The Italian version is still available. The channel is a great place to watch the latest episodes of the season. There are many other countries, such as India, that carry this network.

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