An incident in India has raised new security concerns, as a mobile thief was caught on a moving train and left hanging outside a train station. The thief had grabbed a mobile phone from a train passenger, and had been beggaring passengers not to let go. The train passengers grabbed the thief’s hand and took him on board the train from Begusarai to Khagaria, but when the train was nearing the station, the thief let go.

thief pleaded with passengers not to remove his hand

Passengers on a train from Begusarai to Khagaria intervened and stopped the thief from snatching a mobile phone. The thief was trying to get in the window to steal the phone when an alert passenger grabbed his hand and refused to let go. The thief pleaded with passengers to release him and the train continued.

Here is the video:

thief slid his other arm through the window rails

A train passenger spotted a man trying to snatch a mobile phone from a fellow passenger. Thankfully, he was caught by an alert passenger and dragged to the next station by his arm. The train was moving from Begusarai to Khagaria when the thief tried to slip his arm through the window rails of the moving train. Passengers pleaded with the man to let go but he insisted on keeping his arm. The man was finally freed when the train reached the station at Khagaria. The police have not yet taken action against the man.

thief snatched a mobile phone from a train passenger

This thief was caught on camera after he snatched a mobile phone off a train passenger. The train was crossing a river, and two young men were sitting at the door. The thief, who was seated on the railway bridge, snatched the mobile phone from the passenger sitting inside the train. The incident was captured on camera and has gone viral on the internet.

thief begged for forgiveness

A video of a train rider’s attempt to save a mobile thief caught on camera has gone viral. The video shows the thief dangling from a window outside a train, begging passengers to free him. The thief pleaded for the passengers to release him, but they all firmly grasped his hands and pulled him to safety. The video has gone viral, garnering over four thousand views on Twitter. While many people are shocked at the action, others are pleased with the way the thief was treated.

thief is identified as Pankaj Kumar

A thief who stole a mobile phone from a train in Begusarai has been identified as Pankaj Kumar. He lives in the Sahebpur Kamal area of Begusarai, Bihar. His exploits have been caught on video and have gone viral on social media. Police have arrested Pankaj and have registered a case against him.

thief pays huge price for his sins

A video of the mobile thief being left hanging outside a moving train went viral after a passenger caught him in the act. The young man had been attempting to steal a passenger’s mobile phone when another passenger grabbed his hand and pulled him down. The video has since gone viral on the internet, and it shows the man begging for help from the passengers.


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