Mistakes That Can End Up Damaging Your Art Investment


When you invest in art that is going to stand the test of time and that you will eventually want to sell in the future, you need to make sure that it is kept in the best possible state. Otherwise, the value is going to start to decrease, and you are going to struggle to make the return on investment that you were hoping to. So, let’s check out some of the mistakes that can end up causing a serious amount of damage to your art investment.

Not Learning from Others

As a starting point, you do not want to get involved in the world of art investing to begin with if you do not know enough about it. This means that you should have done your research as an initial starting point, which includes following the art market for a while before investing as well as studying the likes of Steven Sulley entrepreneur. Ultimately, it can be a highly confusing world that you are looking to get into, so you should be fully ready for all that could come in front of you.

Framing the Work Too Quickly

Bear in mind that the frame that you choose to put the artwork in can end up having a major impact on it. Therefore, you should not be framing it with a frame that you are not 100 percent convinced about. Otherwise, it is easy to end up in a situation in which you have got a frame stuck on there that is highly difficult to remove. There is also the risk that you are going to want to change it further down the line and this could end up causing damage to the piece as a whole.

Not Evaluating the Environmental Risks

You should also look close at all of the environmental risks out there which could cause some damage to the artwork as a whole. For example, you could be keeping it in a place that ends up getting too damp and perhaps mold could end up becoming an issue. At the same time, you do not want to put it in a place that is too dry or it could get warped. Ultimately, make sure that you are keeping the work in the best possible conditions as this will help to ensure that it can be resold with ease whenever you choose that the time is right to do so. You can talk to an expert to get the right conditions for your artwork, but the main points to focus on are to keep it out of direct sunlight and ensure the humidity and temperature stay as constant as possible – no large changes.

Not Cleaning Properly

There is no doubt that it can feel like (and is!) a major risk to clean the artwork, so you should be careful about ending up in a situation in which you do not know what you are doing and potential damage could end up occurring. In many situations, it is safest to call in the pros to take care of this for you – they have spent years training for a reason.

All of these are amongst the common mistakes out there that certainly need to be avoided if you are hoping for a lasting art investment.

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