Material used for rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular rhinoplasty procedures. The materials used for rhinoplasty are divided into 2 main groups: silicone and cartilage and own tissue. The details are as follows

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Nose augmentation silicone

Silicone is a popular material used for rhinoplasty. The things that should be paid attention to before choosing a silicone are the silicone grade, origin and form of silicone.

  1. Silicone grade that can be used for rhinoplasty.

High purity implant grade silicone can stay in the body for life

  1. Medical grade silicone (Medical grade) is less pure than Implant grade, and can be used for rhinoplasty. But there is no long-term cumulative toxicity test.

silicone production source

Silicones are produced in many countries. In Thailand, silicones from 3 countries are commonly used as follows:

– USA Silicone Rhinoplasty is a special standard silicone. Soft and smooth silicone, white, medium soft, good quality and high security.

– Korean silicone rhinoplasty (Korea Silicone) is a special standard silicone. highly flexible The base of the nose and the tip of the nose are very soft, yellow and reddish brown.

– Japanese Silicone Rhinoplasty is a normal standard silicone, has a yellow color and has medium hardness. Inexpensive compared to American and Korean silicones.

form of silicone

Silicones are divided into two main forms:

1. Finished silicone

The advantage of ready-made silicone nose augmentation is that it will get a certain shape. There is a chance to deform or slightly tilted But the doctor can adjust the shape only slightly. making it may not be suitable for everyone.

Popular prefabricated silicone nose shape

– Mantis Silicone, popularly known as grasshopper-shaped silicone It is a finished silicone that is implant grade designed to have wings on both sides for covering the bridge of the nose. It helps to reduce the problem of crooked, tilted, pierced nose, has a thin axis edge, and is easy to adjust the shape.

– Barbie Silicone has a rather wide ridge, slope, but not very prominent. Suitable for people who already have a good nose structure. but want to increase the height a little

– Brown Silicone, shaped like a mantis and a Barbie shape, which is similar to a mantis. But the slope of the nose is similar to Barbie. The silicone has a brownish tint. Therefore, it is suitable for those who have less nose meat or thin skin. Because when the incident light will not see the silicone reflect light clearly.

– Cinderella Silicone is shaped like a Barbie. But the silicone base on the nose bridge is quite thick. Suitable for people with relatively flat nose structure.

Choosing a ready-made silicone nose shape Including the soft-hardness characteristics of the silicone texture will depend on the doctor’s assessment, the original nose base and the needs of the rhinoplasty patient.

However, even when using the same type of silicone The results after rhinoplasty will vary depending on the model chosen. the original appearance of the nose and expertise of doctors

2. Silicone stick or self-sharpening

silicone stick or self-sharpening The doctor will have to sharpen the form himself. making it possible to adjust to fit any nose shape but it takes a long time and must be done by a qualified doctor because there is a risk of causing the nose to distort

Silicone sticks are further subdivided into 4 types according to their soft-hardness: hard (hard), medium hard (medium), soft (soft) and very soft (Ultra Soft).

The soft-hard characteristics of silicone have different advantages and disadvantages as follows:

– Hard silicone will maintain its shape well, not easy to collapse but may penetrate if the nasal tissue is not thick enough Therefore, medium hard silicone is often used. in order to get a beautiful shape that is not easily penetrated and does not collapse after doing

– Soft silicone, suitable for people whose nose is not thick Added to make the nose look natural and smooth. But it may collapse over time.

Rhinoplasty with own cartilage and tissue

Cartilage and tissue used for rhinoplasty, such as rib cartilage behind the ear Coccyx tissue or fat is a very safe material. There is a low risk of allergic reactions. But the price is higher than the rhinoplasty using silicone.

Rhinoplasty with its own cartilage and tissue requires at least 1 day of recovery at the hospital as it requires surgery to use the material for rhinoplasty.

cartilage and tissue It can be used mainly for rhinoplasty. Or it can be used to support the tip of the nose that is reinforced with silicone to prevent perforation.

There is also a nasal augmentation by injection of additives. This is a method that doctors do not recommend doing. Because it can cause dangerous side effects. The most common side effects are redness from inflammation which cannot be completely cured

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