Make the most of your time at the Math tuition centre: Dos and donts


The primary reason students enroll in a math tuition centre is to better understand foundational math concepts better and perform better in class. 

Math tuition programmes provide additional support so you can achieve the grades you need and get back your confidence. Math isn’t the easiest subject to learn, but you can find your way through it and even start to love it, with proper guidance. 

If you’re already taking a math enrichment class or are planning to sign up for one, here are some tips to make the most of it.

  • Don’t focus on memorising. Instead, understand the process.

It will be difficult to solve equations if you only focus on memorising the formula. It’s crucial to have a proper understanding of the foundational concepts governing the lessons. 

Once you absorb the basic pointers, the next lessons should be easier to understand. The advantage of having a math tutor is that you can tell them where you’re struggling, and your tutor can then identify ways to help you. 

They can even provide real-life applications that could help you visualise or comprehend the concepts.

  • Do practice regularly. Don’t study only when exams are approaching.

Learning math is similar to learning a new language. You’ll only do a good job at it if you practice it regularly. Just as you would try to speak the language you’re learning on a regular basis. 

Not to worry, as your tutor at the math tuition centre will make sure to provide you with exercises or activities that match your skill level. They’ll examine where you are and start from there. 

  • Don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s part of the learning process.

In school, you probably feel discouraged because you keep getting low scores or grades lower than those of your peers.

But what matters most is your performance yesterday versus your performance today. The only thing that you need to look out for is your progress. So don’t feel bad about making mistakes. 

Everyone makes them, and correcting them is why you’re in the tutorial program in the first place.

  • Do try to learn different methods to solve equations.

In school, you may learn only one approach to solving a problem. But in a math tuition centre, your instructor will show you possible ways to answer equations effectively. 

You’re not limited to a single method. Because there could always be simpler and better options to arriving at the right answer. That said, we go to you for our next point.

  • Don’t give up. Your math skills can improve.

Your grades right now may be far from what you’re hoping to see. But after spending some time in your math tuition class, you should see your marks get better. 

Do your part and communicate with your tutor to maximise your sessions. 

Make the most of your math tuition centre experience with the right team

Your journey at your math tuition centre will vary depending on the people you surround yourself with. Meet the tutors, observe classes, or, better yet, sign up for a free trial. Learning math can be enjoyable with a tutor that you feel comfortable with. 

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