Madden NFL 23 – What You Need To Know About Free Agency In Franchise Mode


Madden NFL 23 implements new Free Agency features in Franchise mode, such as Active Negotiation and Evaluation, to make the process more realistic.

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How Free Agency Works in Madden NFL 23

Squad building relies on Free Agency. NFL players and teams are negotiating contracts and that’s exactly what you will be doing too. The new systems make this process more realistic. We have new screens, extra testing periods, motivation for the athletes, and functionalities for the salary caps. The Free Agent Hub has been under revision. Users get a new experience that focuses on delivering information as easy and clear as possible. You will get a better idea of the players, how they would integrate in the team, and if other teams are interested in those players as well. The Free Agency Hub spots a new screen and two new features. You will notice Active Negotiation and Evaluation. We all know that a lot of talking and discussions are going on before a contract is signed. The Active Negotiation feature revolves around this process. In the first phase of Free Agency, each team can offer a contract to a maximum of five players for each Evaluation period. This prevents a few teams from scooping up all the top free agents. Managers will have to devise some strategy as they cannot get all the players they want. In the second phase of Free Agency, you can make 10 offers. In the third and final stage, you can make as many offers as you want. The Evaluation feature comes to make up for these limitations. Players can make three weekly Evaluation Offers during Free Agency. These offers give players the possibility to take or pass contracts or postpone the last decision. This feature allows the team to go into more details with a player and change the strategy if the player is not that interested in your squad. Several factors decide whether a player joins your team or not. Managers have to be wary of them all. The extra information combined with the limitations and occasions should make this process more in line to what’s happening in the real world.

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