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If you want to learn how to create fantastic web or mobile apps quickly, this javascript and web design course can help. It’s designed for people with little to no experience but doesn’t mind a long dry spell where nothing seems to happen. This course is so well-structured that it gradually uses complex explanations to introduce new content, and the high-quality videos will make sure you never lose your place. This is the perfect course for people that want to learn how to code but don’t know where to start or if they’re ready. It’s a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to design, build apps and create websites using javascript, HTML and CSS. The course is suitable for people who prefer online courses because it comes with an interactive forum and slides from the instructor.

What are javascript and web design?

Javascript is a scripting language that adds interactivity and responsiveness to web pages. It’s what makes websites interactive, such as online forms, chat clients and games. Some people think of it as a ‘web programming language,’ though it’s not technically called because Javascript is also used in server-side applications. Most browsers use it, and almost every website you visit uses some javascript code. Web Design is the art of designing a well-structured website that looks good and performs well. Web Design is the process of laying out web pages in ways that provide readability and accessibility to visitors. Web designers work with web browsers, software engineers and other designers to develop websites.

Javascript and web design is a complete course that provides everything you need to learn to code from scratch. There are many online platforms which are selling course online that helps you to better understand Javascript and web design. All you need to do is follow along with the course, do your best work at each step, get an A+ (actually, any A+), show your progress through each video’s comments so progress can be tracked but also check for other tutorials on the site if you have questions.

What are the main Topic s covered in Javascript and Web Design?

This course is about creating interactive and responsive websites using the elements of HTML and CSS. This course is not about creating websites from scratch. However, it is about building your website from scratch by splicing together multiple free templates available on the web.

1: Introduction

The course aims to teach the core concepts of Web Design and HTML/CSS. You will learn the basics of HTML, get an introduction to CSS, and build your first webpage. You will also learn how to use jQuery, a JavaScript library that adds interactivity to websites more fun.

2: The Theory

The course explains the basics of HTML and CSS before moving on to Javascript and jQuery with a little bit of jQuery UI. By the end of this section, you should have a good understanding of HTML tags and basic web design principles like Grid System and Flexbox.

3: Programming in JS

This section introduces you to JavaScript with the help of some real-life projects that display information from an API. You will build a gallery of mobile devices, a music player and an interactive map with real-time weather data.

4: Introduction to APIs

Before getting into the specifics of jQuery, you will learn what an API is and how to use it to retrieve information from various sources like Google Map or Twitter. The projects you will build in this section are a little more complex than those of the previous sections.

5: jQuery

You will learn about the various libraries and plugins that can make your website more interactive. You will have built a fully functional portfolio website at the end of this section.

How to Get this Course online?

This course is available on the website offer online by paying the course fee. The online learning platforms course selling on their websites.You can also watch this video tutorial online on your tablet or smartphone while you are on the go. Offers over 1000 free online courses to learn from. The free courses are short and engaging videos that you can watch at any time. Still, for a premium membership (which costs $24.95/month), you’ll get access to over 100 hours of live-video lectures that you can’t miss, hundreds of downloadable lessons, access to a private forum with mentors and help from other learners who have already completed similar lessons and much more.

Why Choose this Course?

An industry professional offers this javascript course with more than five years of experience teaching others at the college and university levels. The course content has been structured to support core concepts while supporting the self-motivated learner in their journey towards becoming a skilled coder. Javascript and Web design is a complete course that provides everything you need to learn how to code from scratch. You will learn how to create fantastic web or mobile applications quickly. This is the perfect course for people that want to learn how to code but don’t know where to start or if they’re ready.

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